Tuesday, November 6

The Straight Dope - Fighting Ignorance Since 1973 (Cecil Adams)

"Cecil Adams is the world's most intelligent human being. We know this because: (1) he knows everything, and (2) he is never wrong. How do we know that Cecil knows everything and is never wrong? Because he said so, and he would never lie to us ... more"

It sounds as convincing as Stone Cold's famous bark (And that's the bottom line! 'Cause Stone Cold said so!)!

According to Wikipedia, "Cecil Adams is a name, generally assumed to be a pseudonym, which designates the unknown author or authors of The Straight Dope..."

The Straight Dope is a popular question-and-answer newspaper column published in the Chicago Reader (an alternative weekly), syndicated in thirty newspapers in the United States and Canada, and available online. The column derives its name from the American idiom meaning roughly "the honest truth" and covers practically any subject. History, science, old wives' tales, urban legends and inventions are among the most frequently recurring topics. The column appears under the tagline "FIGHTING IGNORANCE SINCE 1973 (IT'S TAKING LONGER THAN WE THOUGHT) (Source)."

"Billed as the "World's Smartest Human Being", Cecil Adams responds in this popular column to often unusual inquiries with abrasive humor (often directed against the questioner), and at times exhaustive research into obscure and arcane issues, urban legends, and the like. On more than one occasion, Cecil has been forced to retract an answer or at least modify it substantially when confronted by "the teeming millions", which he does in a gentlemanly and good-humored manner, often claiming overwork and staff shortages" ...more

Whether he is the world's most intelligent (or funniest) human being or not, is certainly questionable, but I believe his columns provides us with a wonderful opportunity to engage our reflective thinking and tickle our creative minds to ask questions that we often take for granted, or don't bother figuring out ('Right Brain' activity!). You never know, such unusual inquiries (Think-out-of-the-class!) could actually spark the next great idea, invention or innovation. Here are some of these unusual questions answered by Cecil Adams that might tickle you to explore The Straight Dope site further:

Also, check out the site's active message boards and FAQs (Really funny!). Finally, if you want to ask him a question, click here!

Actually, what I really like about this resource is not Cecil Adam's answers, but all the unusual and funny questions asked by people. Some of these questions (creatively adapted!) are great to loosen up the students and get them ready for more serious discussions related to the subject. Hey, why don't we ask the so called 'boring' questions in a more creative manner. Add some spice!

Cecil Adams, if you are really the "World's Smartest Human Being!", I believe you should be able to discover this blog, and answer me this simple, but important question:

Why Do Monkeys Eat Bananas?

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