Friday, January 18

Custom Sign Generator - Create 1000s of Free Personalized Graphics!

" offers thousands of free dynamic JPEG, GIF and PNG image creators (you can make FREE logos, blog headers, parody photos, buttons, banners, email sigs, comics, signs, blinkies/glitters, avatars, support ribbons, wallpapers, labels, celeb spoofs, animations, MySpace/TagWorld clipart, fancy 3D text, presentation clip art, 3D text pics, userbars, barcodes, 3D pics, gag/hoax/prank images, title/header bars, animated GIFs, taggers, fake ads, e-cards, custom gift magnets, etc)! No software needs to be installed (web based image design tools, just choose a template layout) ...more "

Seriously, you can make some really cool personalized graphics to spice up your content with all these cool image creators available (in one master list!). I suppose you would need a bit of time to explore all these sites before finding something that really gets you excited. Also, you will probably get a headache full of pop-ups (turn your pop-up blocker off!), or new tabs, every time you select a new image creator or graphic. But with a bit of patience, it could be your new gold mine in finding and creating personalized images to gain attention and stimulate thinking.

Here are a few of the cool dynamic image generators you will find in this amazing collection:

I am simply thrilled to discover this site! If you haven't explored this site before, perhaps it is time. WOW, I am in Time magazine! :)

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Unknown said...

I'm glad you like it, what you see there is 4 years of work creating all the image makers on! Millions of lines of codes (ASP, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, etc)...