Friday, January 9

A Growing List of Free Learning Tutorial Sites!

I was thinking the other day, why not create a simple raw list of links to EXCELLENT SITES (with short descriptions) that have or link to tutorials that explore learning tools and online learning. Here is my initial list, but I am quite sure there are many more great resource sites out there. So, if you have anyone to share, please post them in the comments section and I will add them. Ops, shouldn't we be using a Wiki for this kind of activity (Collaborative list creation)? Click here, if you want to add using the wiki-version.

Here is the initial quick list:
  • Learning 2.0 Programme
    This blog has been set-up as part of PLCMC's Learning 2.0 project to encourage staff to experiment and learn about the new and emerging technologies that are reshaping the context of information on the Internet today.
  • An Introduction to Social Learning(Jane Hart)
    Provides you with a practical approach to getting started with using social media for both formal and informal learning - either in the form of best-of-breed stand-alone tools or in an integrated suite of social media tools.
  • ELearning T4T (WikiEducator)
    eLearning Training for Teachers is a project node for the collaborative development of "just-in-time" tutorials to help educators implement eLearning successfully.
  • WebTools4u2use
    The purpose of this website is to provide a place for K-12 school library media specialists to learn a little more about web tools that can be used to improve and enhance school library media programs and services, to see examples of how they can be used, and to share success stories and creative ideas about how to use and integrate them. Hundreds of free and inexpensive web tools are available for school library media specialists to use that can make us more productive, valued, and, perhaps, more competitive.
  • Paul's E-Learning Resources
    This E-learning resources website is developed and maintained by Paul Andrews (Learning Technologist). On this site you will find his favourite links to free on-line services that allow you to provide your students with enhanced learning opportunities which you can then embed into, or link from, your school/college/university's website, course blog or VLE/MLE.
  • iLearn technology (Kelly Tenkely)
    Is an edublog dedicated to giving teachers practical tips for integrating technology into the classroom.
  • Resource Kit for Creative Communities (e-Learning)
    In this resource kit, community organisations can find helpful online guidance, ideas and tools for developing and facilitating e-learning in communities and regions. The kit includes suggestions and options on the why and how of e-learning. You'll find guidance on low cost tools and technologies, as well as ideas and stories to help you get started.
  • Teacher Training Videos (Russell Stannard)
    These videos were created for teachers to help them to incorporate technology into their teaching. Just click and a video will open and take you through how to use that technology. These videos are for any teachers or lecturers, indeed for anyone interested in learning how to use the technologies.
  • WonderHowTo
    Hand-selects and curates the best instructional videos from over 1,700 websites. It is your one-stop shop to browse, search, or network your way through the world of free video tutorials.
  • EduTube
    Is a educational video search platform with an main aim to organize the best educational video content on the Internet. All content on EduTube is moderated and only relevant, educational content is permitted.
  • Multimedia Training Videos
    A series of free learning videos (by Russell Stannard and Savraj Matharu) that explore Flash, Director and Photoshop.
  • ItrainOnline Multimedia Training Kit
    Is a growing collection of "workshop kits" for face-to-face training. The materials use a standard set of templates, and offer building blocks for trainers to build their own courses.
  • Teachers TV
    is a digital channel for everyone who works in schools. Their programmes cover every subject in the curriculum, all key stages and every professional role – from teaching assistant to headteacher. You can watch us on digital cable and satellite and programmes are also available anytime, on-demand and for free on this website.
  • TeacherTube
    Its main goal is to provides an online community for sharing instructional videos. Here you will find more than 54,000 videos covering all sorts of subjects.
    Free Interactive Workplace Skills Courseware including Touch Typing Skills, European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL), British Computer Society (BCS) Unit E, Financial Literacy and e-Citizen
  • The Moodle Academy
    Is designed to be a drop in centre for you to reinforce your Moodle skills. While we are thinking Moodle, we might want to check out Using Moodle 2nd Edition, which is the second edtion of the O'Reilly book "Using Moodle" by Jason Cole and Helen Foster.
  • Moodle Tutorials
    Ops, can't get Moodle out of my head! Check out this collection of 2 Minute Moodles - an attempt to simplify and show how to use a range of Moodle features. The tutorials try not to assume too much previous knowledge and are presented for the pragmatical and not necessarily tech-savy users (Moodle purists please excuse).
  • Drupal in Education Open book (hosted by e-Learning Institute)
    An open resource started by Bryan Ollendyke at the e-Learning Institute to talk about Drupal's place in education. Has a great CMS matrix comparing different CMS technologies that can all be used for education / e-learning. It is a living resource and has contributions from several PSU Drupal'ers though it's open to contribution from any / everyone. Good if you are interested in getting into Drupal for Education.
  • Google Apps Training
    The Google Apps interactive tutorial provides clear audio and text directions and practice exercises for using six Google products; email, calendar, talk, docs, sites, and start page.
  • Go-2-School
    A great resource for learning Google SketchUp and Google Earth.
  • W3Schools
    Here you will find all the Web-building tutorials you need, from basic HTML and XHTML to advanced XML, SQL, Database, Multimedia and WAP.
  • Edumax
    Edumax is an online learning website that provides free lessons on topics from personal development to computer programming.
  • TechTutorials
    A directory containing thousands of free tutorials for IT professionals, hobbyists, and home users.
  • 14 hours of Free E-Learning Strategy Tutorials
    Bryan Chapman, Chief Learning Strategist at Chapman Alliance does regular webinars on e-learning strategies. He posts these for free use from his website. They are a little bit hidden. You have to scroll down the page to find them. NOTE: Because many of the webinars are vendor sponsored, you may have to add your information before watching them, but they are absolutely free.
Let's build a great collection together (wiki-version)! Let's use our collective findings to help others discover these great learning tutorial sites :)


mweisburgh said...


The following was posted on the Primay Teachers facebook group discussion:
apples4the (assembly ideas)
Good SEN ICT website:
A good one for craft ideas:
Fantastic site for making flashcards, number cards, handwriting sheets, games ...... and the list goes on.
The name says it all. It is basically a database of sites for teachers. Has a brief description of each site. for allsorts of ict stuff also ict
Great poems about teachers
this is a whole website dedicated to warm ups and cool downs in PE:
Sound effects: (music lessons)
Class Assemblies (good for mental maths) (mental maths starter and questions) (online reosurces for IWB/Computer time)

ZaidLearn said...

Dear Mitch Weisburgh,

Thanks for sharing :)

WOW! I suppose as I explore this huge list in the coming days, I would have to move from a raw list to a bit of categorization to make sense of all these resources sites :)

Hopefully, we can still simplify (and find relevant stuff) as the list grows :)

I have added you to the contributions list already, and will add many of these resources in coming days (just need to find time to explore. Hopefully next week!) :)

Warm Regards,


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Have you seen. for kids to learn maths and count currency?

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