Tuesday, April 21

The Juiciest Learning Professionals on Twitter?


    In the coming months, I believe Malaysia and Asia will be hit by the Twitter mania, and I expect one question to be popping up again and again: "Do you have a list of the top learning professionals around the world on Twitter, which we can follow?".

    The list below, is not ranking, but just numbering to keep track of how many I have identified. Though, I have deliberately added some of the super learning professionals in the first 20 to excite those reading it. This is by no means a static list, and I will update it from time to time. The main reason for assembling this list, is to help people looking for top learning professionals on Twitter. Though, if you are not using Twitter, you can always subscribe to the learning professionals' tweets through RSS. Finally, when you visit a learning professional's Twitter page, you will also find there their blog or site (if any).

    In short, this list assembled here is to quicken your access to some of the juiciest learning professionals around. Here we go:

    1. George Siemens (gsiemens)
      elearnspace author and consultant, Canada
    2. Jane Hart (c4lpt and c4lptnews)
      Social Media & Learning Consultant and founder of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies (including the one and only Jane's E-Learning Pick of the Day).
    3. Stephen Downes (downes)
      OLDaily author, researcher, speaker
    4. Clive Shepherd (cliveshepherd)
      Consultant specialising in workplace e-learning
    5. Tony Karrer (tkarrer)
      CEO of TechEmpower
    6. Elliott Masie (emasie)
      Is an internationally recognized learning futurist, analyst, researcher and organizer on the critical topics of workforce learning, business collaboration and emerging technologies.
    7. Will Richardson (willrich45)
    8. Will Thalheimer (willworklearn)
      Research-based Learning Insights
    9. Wesley Fryer (wfryer)
      Moving at the Speed of Creativity, author
    10. Jay Cross (jaycross)
      Business consultant, author, expert on informal learning
    11. Cathy Moore (CatMoore)
      On a mission to save the world from boring corporate e-learning.
    12. Jeff Cobb (jtcobb)
      Mission to Learn blog author and consultant
    13. Julie Lindsay (julielindsay)
      Head of Information Technology and E-Learning, Qatar Academy, Doha and co-founder of Flat Classroom project
    14. Karl Kapp (kkapp)
      Professor, Instructional Technology/Author, Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg, PA
    15. Alan Levine (cogdog)
      Instructional Technologist
    16. Judy O'Connell (heyjudeonline)
      Writing, speaking and consulting on school technology and library issues
    17. Jane Bozarth (JaneBozarth)
      E-Learning Coordinator, Author
    18. Michele Martin (michelemartin)
      Web 2.0 for career and professional development, author of the Bamboo Project blog
    19. Janet Clarey (jclarey)
      Researcher in the learning technology space, Brandon Hall
    20. John Connell (JConnell)
      Education Strategist - Cisco - Emerging Markets
    21. Ewan Macintosh (ewanmacintosh)
      New media, learning and the future
    22. Vicki Davis (coolcatteacher)
      Teacher, blogger, technology geek
    23. RobinGood (RobinGood)
      Hand-picked news, tools and resources for professional web publishers
    24. David Warlick (dwarlick)
      30+ year educator, technologist, programmer, author, & public speaker
    25. Rozhan Idrus (profrozhan)
      Professor of ODL and Technogogy
    26. Zoraini Wati Abas (zoraini)
      A learning technologist at an open university in Kuala Lumpur, experimenting with emerging technologies - Learning 2.0.
    27. Allison Kipta (akipta)
      Educational technology, elearning, Web 2.0
    28. Andrew McAfee (amcafee)
      Enterprise 2.0 specialist, Harvard Business School
    29. Bill Brandon (billbrandon)
      Editor eLearning Guild's Learning Solutions magazine
    30. B J Schone (bjschone)
      Learning Designer from San Diego
    31. Brian Lamb (@brlamb) - Emerging Technologies Discoordinator, Office of Learning Technology, The University of British Columbia
    32. Brent Schlenker (bschlenker)
      Corporate eLearning Consultant
    33. Chris Brogan (chrisbrogan)
      Social media expert
    34. Chris Penny (chrispenny)
      Educational Technology Professor and Apple Distinguished Educator, Pennsylvania
    35. Clara McCallum (clara_mac)
      Learning Officer for BBC Scotland Learning
    36. Craig Nansen (cnansen)
      District technology coordinator, Apple Distinguished Educator. STAR Discovery Educator.
    37. Collin Kromke (collin_k )
      Blogger, elearning, Web 2.0, Learning 2.0
    38. Doug Belshaw (dajbelshaw)
      E-Learning Staff Tutor and History Teacher
    39. Dave Cormier (davecormier)
      Works at edtechtalk, educationbridges and UPEI
    40. Dolores Reig Hernandez (dreig)
      T consultant, comunidades, communities, web design, web 2.0, web3.0, web 3.0, e-learning
    41. Gavin Dudeney (dudeneyge)
      Educational Technologist, Barcelona Spain
    42. Lee Graham (elearning30)
      Edutainment, Collaboration & Social Learning = Future of eLearning
    43. Paul Stewart (elearningnews)
      eLearning Officer for the Catholic Education Department, Australia
    44. Lucy Gray (elemenous)
      Technology coach and consultant, Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Teacher
    45. Elizabeth (Beth) Holmes (ElizabethHolmes)
      Education Specialist for 21st Century Teaching and Learning, ENTJ
    46. Luis Suarez (elsua)
      Social Computing Evangelist
    47. Grainne Conole (gconole )
      E-Learning Researcher, OU
    48. Gabriela Grosseck (ggrosseck)
      Lecturer at West University of Timisoara Romania.
    49. Graham Attwell (GrahamAttwell)
      Founder of Pontydysgu and Director of Research
    50. Gary Woodill (gwoodill )
      Director, Research & Analysis, Brandon Hall
    51. Harold Jarche (hjarche)
      Learning 20 Consultant from Canada
    52. Satish Talim (IndianGuru)
      Teacher, Educator, Author, Speaker for Ruby programming at RubyLearning
    53. Jeffrey Keefer (JeffreyKeefer)
      Reflective practice in organizational learning, educational technology, and postmodern society
    54. Judi Epcke (jepcke)
      Educator 2.0. from Classroom teacher to Technology Director to Technology Integration Specialist
    55. Jerome Hidalgo (JeromeHidalgo)
      Concepteur Pédagogique Multimédia (e-Learning Designer) Lyon, France
    56. Joachim Niemeier (JoachimNiemeier)
      Enterprise 2.0 specialist, University of Stuttgart
    57. Joan Vinall Cox (JoanVinallCox)
      Social Media and Learning Consultant, Canada
    58. Jeff Utecht (jutecht)
      Technology Specialist, Shanghai
    59. Kevin Jarrett (kjarrett)
      K-4 Technology Facilitator/Computer Lab Teacher
    60. Lars Hyland (larshyland)
      Specialist in workplace learning technology and e-learning. Interested in memory and learning research.
    61. Liz Davis (lizbdavies)
      Educator who strongly believes in the power of technology
    62. Malinka Ivanova (malinkaiva)
      Lecturer, Technical University of Sofia
    63. Scott McLeod (mcleod)
      Director, CASTLE
    64. Miguel Guhlin (mguhlin)
      Director of Instructional Technology for a large urban district in Texas
    65. Michelle Dodd (michelledodd)
      Passionate about using games and technology to reengage, develop literacies and make learning fun!
    66. Chris Morgan (morgsman)
      Learning and Development enthusiast, practitioner and thought leader, Romsey Hampshire
    67. Mark Prasatik (mprasatik)
      Consultant, Learning Strategist, Training Director using informal learning and enterprise 2.0 technology to get better results
    68. Mike Wesch (mwesch)
      Social Anthropologist, University of Kansas
    69. Nellie Deutsch (nelliemuller)
      Educator specializing in leadership, curriculum, and instruction, social networking, and blended learning
    70. David Wiley (opencontent)
      Associate Professor of Instructional Psychology and Technology at Brigham Young University
    71. Paula White (paulawhite)
      STAR Discovery Educator, Apple Distinguished Educator
    72. Patricia Donaghy (pdonaghy)
      ICT Teacher, Dublin, Ireland
    73. Garr Reynolds (presentationzen)
      Presentation design guru
    74. Tony Hirst (psychemedia)
      Open University, UK
    75. Chris Smith (shamblesguru)
      ICT/Edu Consultant & Digital Nomad, Asia
    76. Dean Shareski (shareski)
      Digital Learning Consultant in Moose Jaw, SK, Canada.
    77. Shiv Rajendran (shiv53)
      Director of Languagelab.com - teaching languages in Second Life since 2005
    78. Todd Gilmore (ToddGilmore)
      Entrepreneur, Innovation Consultant
    79. Jeff O'Hara (zemote)
      Co-founder of edmodo
    80. Stian Håklev (houshuang)
      MA in Higher Ed, OISE/UofT, Toronto. Open access, open learning, peer2peer learning.
    81. Martin Ebner (mebner)
      Researcher: e-Learning, m-Learning and technology enhanced learning
    82. Ismael Peña-López (ictlogist)
      Researcher, lecturer, speaker on the Information Society, ICT4D and the Digital Divide.
    83. Susan Sedro (ssedro)
      Just another EdTech Geek Girl in the tropics
    84. Sue Waters (suewaters)
      Helping others with education, elearning & blogging.
    85. Cindy Huggett (cindyhugg)
      Training and Performance Consultant; Chair of ASTD National Advisors for Chapters (NAC); CPLP; passionate about leadership, learning, and training trainers
    86. Lynn Marentette (lynnmarentette)
      School psychologist,consultant, grad student
    87. Tracy Hamilton (hamtra)
      Trying to learn at least one new thing each day
    88. Marcia Conner (marciamarcia)
      Strategist, Writer, Learner and Educator
    89. Cammy Bean (cammybean)
      eLearning Instructional Designer
    90. Ray Schroeder (rayschroeder)
      UIS Prof Emeritus/Director of Office of Technology Enhanced Learning and Center for Online Learning Research and Service
    91. Chris Betcher (betchaboy)
      Education, technology and ideas
    92. Elaine Talbert (etalbert)
      Secondary languages teacher, principal, now in IT web filter manager
    93. Dean Groom (deangroom)
      Head EdTecDev @ Macquarie Uni, Sydney, Author, Blogger, Geek, Air-Head
    94. John Larkin (john_larkin)
      Teaching history, teaching technology, teaching teachers here, there, everywhere...
    95. Tomaz Lasic (lasic)
      Teacher, ed-tech t(h)inker, and Moodle fan
    96. Julian Ridden (moodleman)
      Moodle evangalist, ICT integrator, trainer and presenter all in a single package!
    97. Allisun eLearns (allisunelearns)
      eLearning and Moodle enthusiast; aspiring instructional designer; M.S. Ed in Online Teaching and Learning student.
    98. Maryna Badenhorst (marynabadenhors)
      Teaching and Learning Coach
    99. Ranelle Maltas (ranellem)
      Technology trainer and support for the faculty/staff of UNL
    100. Greg - elearning (Dr_elearning)
      Working on creating engaging interactive e-learning modules
    101. Britt Watwood (bwatwood)
      Online Learning Specialist at Virginia Commonwealth University
    102. Mark Drapeau (cheeky_geeky)
      Biological scientist working on defense policy and researching
      social tools for government use
    103. Chris Pirillo (chrispirillo)
      A media-friendly geek who produces content and catalyzes communities. Tech Expert for CNN.com.
    104. John Pederson (ijohnpedersen)
      Building the educational network around the network
    105. Ian Usher (iusher)
      BucksCC's E-Learning Co-ordinator, moodle, Adobe Education Leader
    106. Jennifer Maddrell (JenM)
      EdTech Weekly presenter
    107. Judy Brown (judyb)
      Mobile Learning Consultant
    108. Karl Fisch (karlfisch)
      Educator and author of The Fischbowl blog
    109. Lee Lefever (leelefever)
      CommonCraft video producer
    110. Michelle Gallen (michellegallen)
      Ireland-based e-learning consultant and instructional designer
    111. Aaron Silvers (mrch0mp3rs)
      On the SCORM Technical Working Group and LETSI, Learning Consultant
    112. Kim Cofino (mscofino)
      21st Century Literacy Specialist at the International School Bangkok, Thailand
    113. Martin Weller (mweller)
      Professor of Educational Technology at the OU
    114. Steve Hargadon (stevehargadon)
      Educational Technologist
    115. Theo Kuechel (theokk)
      Technologies for Learning, Archives - Collections, Open Educational Resources, Music and other social activities....
    116. Graeme Boxwell (LearningTech1)
      Learning Technologist at the City of Sunderland College
    117. Neil Lasher (Neillasher)
      e-Learning development specialist and Instructional Design coach
    118. Josh Bersin (Josh_Bersin)
      Corporate Talent, HR, and Learning Analyst and CEO of research and advisory services firm Bersin & Associates.
    119. Olavur Ellefsen (olavur)
      Founder of Simprentis - developer of learning simulations and provider of team-based education and training to oil and gas
    120. Ray Jimenez (RayJimenez)
      CEO of Vignettes for Training, Inc. author 3-Minute e-Learning and Scenario-based Learning
    121. Edrie Greer (explorelearn)
      Learning/performance consultant, explorer, devil's advocate, media developer, nature lover, eclectically curious gal. Proud owner of 2 Belgian Tervurens
    122. Yuri Quintana (yuriquintana)
      e-health, e-learning, innovation, web 2.0, Internet social networks, global causes, global health
    123. RJ Jacquez (rjacquez)
      Adobe Evangelist for eLearning and Technical Communication. All about Innovative Technologies, Social Media Adobe in general, Family and Helping others
    124. Jay Lambert (LambertJay)
      CEO, Integrated Learning Services (e-learning)
    125. Manish Mohan (manishmo)
      Collaborative and Informal Learning, Management, Performance enhancement, Entrepreneurship, Technology, Amateur photography
    126. Hall Davidson (HallDavidson)
      Blogs, speaks, works with teacher network for Discovery (the Discovery Educator Network. Hopeless ed tech geek since '73.

    Again, I have to thank Jane Hart for her amazing directory, because without it, it would be a real headache finding the learning professionals I have assembled above. Thank you so much!

    Here are other interesting lists of learning professionals on Twitter (as I discover):

    Finally, if you think you are a super learning professional and believe you should be on this list, please comment or shoot me an e-mail. The list can always grow (or shrink) :)