Friday, April 29

Insightful Videos Exploring Why the Finnish Education System Rocks!


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
- Nelson Mandela

Professor Thomas Baker
wrote an insightful blog post recently about why the Finnish education system rocks, and included 5 YouTube videos sharing more insights and secrets behind their success.

I did share some secrets about the Finnish education system way back in 2009, and although I have discovered more interesting things about this awesome learning ecosystem, I am going to refrain from spilling it out here, and have decided to dedicate this post to harvest a juicy collection of videos providing more authentic insights.

This collection will hopefully be useful for you (and me), as the craze around the world to discover the Finnish education system is increasingly becoming a (wrestle) mania.

Finally, I will be adding new insightful videos about the Finnish education system as I discover them, and please share insightful videos that I might have missed out. In other words, don't hesitate to revisit this post :)


Here we go:

Watch the full episode. See more Need To Know.

More insightful videos?

If you have any other videos about why the Finnish education system rocks, please don't hesitate to share them (in the comments section)...will add them above. Thanks!

All (Finnish education insights)-in-one post :)


Sherlyn said...

wow.....i loved this way to gain knowledge ....awesome video

Enas Abulibdeh said...

interesting way of presenting your ideas, i do appreciate it, its a learning experience for me

ZaidLearn said...

Dear Enas Abdulibdeh,

Thanks for the positive feedback :)

I try to simplify and inspire! I know sometimes I complexify or am not inspiring, so i suppose my two goals are a lifelong mission :)

Thanks again and Salams :)

Lawrence Kok said...

great video for educators . Thanks and appreciate your work .


ZaidLearn said...

Dear Lawrence Kok,

I agree with that :) Thanks for the input and keep up the great work on your Biology/Chemistry blog:

WOW :)