Thursday, December 8

Introduction to Critical Thinking - 100,000+ Views on SlideShare!

WOW! I never thought that my 'Introduction to Critical Thinking' presentation would be viewed more than a 100,000 times on SlideShare (or would be my first SlideShare presentation to reach that feat!).  It took four years, but so what! In Justin Beaber and Lady Gaga viewing terms that is probably achieved every second, so I am not going to use that as a measuring stick.

However, I am happy and grateful that this presentation and other things shared using a variety of tools over the last few years have benefited many teachers and students out there in one way or the other. Interestingly, over the last four years, I have gotten e-mails from some top experts/lecturers/teachers in critical thinking, and have even been invited to contribute to a book on critical thinking...Seriously!

Anyway, here is the infamous presentation again (if you missed it!):

Of course, I turned the book request down, because I only taught Critical Thinking for one semester at UNITAR (Surely not enough experience to make a significant contribution!), and then I was kicked out (gently)... THE TRUE STORY !

I am thinking, what if I had continued with Critical Thinking, and made a career of it? Never happened! So, I am not going to waste anymore thinking cells on that :)

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