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IMU-LS-04: Facilitating a Massive Open Online Course (Stephen Downes)


Title : Facilitating a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)
Date : 22nd February, 2012 
Time : 10.00 AM, Kuala Lumpur
Venue : Online (WizIQ)

In this (nearly 2 hour online) talk Stephen Downes, one of the originators of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) format, described the organization and management of a MOOC, beginning with the arrangement of technology, organization of learning materials, communications with students, support tasks, and interaction with guest presenters. This talk is based on fifteen years’ experience designing and delivering web-based instruction, as well as knowledge amassed though the delivery of six MOOCs to almost ten thousand students since 2008.

Stephen Downes works for the National Research Council of Canada where he has served as a Senior Researcher, based in Moncton, New Brunswick, since 2001. Affiliated with the Learning and Collaborative Technologies Group, Institute for Information Technology, Downes specializes in the fields of online learning, new media, pedagogy and philosophy.

You are recommended to skip the first 30 minutes of the recorded webinar, so that you can get right into the action. The actual session starts roughly 30 minutes into the recording. If you have any problems viewing, try updating your Flash Player.

(To view the recorded online webinar) 

Click here to download the recorded webinar. 
Click here for an excellent audio recording of the webinar captured by Stephen  Downes.




Enas Abulibdeh said...

salam zaid is the recorded session to download in exe format ???
and i also clicked on the recorded session but it didn't work

ZaidLearn said...

Dear Enas Abulibdeh,

Yes, the downloadable recorded session is in exe format. We are going to publish an edited version in a week's time in a more appropriate format. This existing one, is the one WizIQ auto-constructs from the recording.

I just checked an the recorded streaming session works fine on my Mac Air (Firefox browser), and should work fine on all types of computers, except for iPads and iPhones, which do not support FLASH yet :(

Maybe you have problems because of firewall blocking. Otherwise, try restarting your computer and then see whether you can view the recorded version (try Firefox if IE or Chrome lets you down).

Good luck and stay tuned for the edited version in a more friendly video format :)

Warm Regards,