Tuesday, June 26

The DNA of a 21st Century Educator!

I gave a talk during the 'Annual Teaching and Learning Seminar 2012' at USM on the 26th June,  2012.


During your lifetime you have probably experienced inspirational educators, or witnessed inspiring lectures. But, what about you? Are you such an educator? If not, why not? In this talk, I explored some of the ingredients top educators in the 21st century have, and how we can learn from them, and reinvent ourselves to reach our true potential as an educator.


The DNA of a 21st Century Educator
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Updated version, which was presented recently at IMU (includes additional insightful slides worth exploring):



DNA of a 21st Century Educator - Part 1 from A. Karim on Vimeo.

DNA of a 21st Century Educator - Part 2 from A. Karim on Vimeo.


Unknown said...

I am not a true educator how i can be educator......

ZaidLearn said...

Gogo Th (?),

Not sure what you mean by 'true educator', but when you start to share your ideas, thoughts, knowledge, skills etc. whether online or face-to-face you will increasingly become a better educator :)

If you want to be a formal educator, join or start a learning institution, which could be on anything that you are an expert or passionate about (School, University, College, corporate education, etc.) :)

Good luck!

Unknown said...

I want to be a true educator and plz mention the procedure.

ZaidLearn said...

Procedure? Be passionate & love your job :) Be open to learning new things, and always learn :)