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How to Gamify Any Course at ICHaSE 2017!

ICHaSE 2017

I gave a 30-minute talk on the 1 March (2017) about how to gamify any course. More importantly, at last I got to meet the one and only Professor Badrul Khan. Professor Khan has the credit of first coining the phrase Web based instruction and popularizing the concept through his 1997 best-selling Web-Based Instruction book which paved the way for the new field of e-learning. Known as the founder of modern e-learning, Professor Khan has been honored with many awards and worldwide acclamation throughout his career. 

It was so inspiring to listen to his talk about meaningful e-learning and his new book: Revolutionizing Modern Education through Meaningful E-Learning Implementation. In addition, we had several learning conversations during the conference, and Al-Hamdulilla I picked up some learning wisdom.

"When passion becomes profession, then life is no longer boring. E-learning is my passion and profession." 
- Badrul Khan 

It was an inspiring conference with several prominent speakers, including Professor Dato' Dr. Ibrahim Ahmad Bajunid, Professor Dr. Badrul Khan, Professor Dr. Abd Karim Alias, Professor Dr. Danielle Gallegos, Assoc. Professor Dr. Nor Aziah Alias, Professor Dr. Glen M Davis, Assoc. Professor Dr Norzana Abd Ghafar And Professor Dr. Winnie Chee. The theme was "Unraveling Innovative Teaching and Learning in Basic Health Sciences".


My talk explored gamification, and how we can design gamified learning experiences for any course using various methods and online tools. During the process, we discovered how the brain learns, learning design, gamification, and explored various interactive online tools to engage and gamify learning. 


Here we go:

The most important lesson learned? The toilet will transform how we (and the doctor) check and monitor our health in the future.


My learning doodles doodled during day 2 (March 2) of the conference:

Finally, I would like to thank the organizers (Faculty of Health Sciences, UiTM) for inviting me to speak, and organizing an inspiring and enriching learning conference. Thank you so much :)

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