Monday, July 23

50 Ideas + 15 tools for Free (or low cost) E-Learning

Link to free white paper:50 Ideas for Free E-Learning (PDF, 658 KB. By Matthew Fox at Kineo)
"Matthew Fox at Kineo reviews 15 free or low cost tools and gives 50 ideas on how to use them in your own organization."

An excellent 58 page free article or white paper worth reading (or at least browse through). If your educational institutions or organization are looking for e-learning tools (or content) that are free or low cost that actually has some proven record, then this resource can be of tremendous value. Also, it provides many useful ideas to fuel our minds on thinking wiser in terms of e-learning implementation, usage and practice.

Who said that e-learning needs to be time consuming or expensive?

Who came up with that funny term "White paper"? Another funny one is "Blue Print". We need to be more creative with the selection of colors for these terms .

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