Wednesday, July 18

Blogging With The Boss's Blessing (By Michelle Conlin and Andrew Park)

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"More companies are helping employees to speak freely -- and bond with customers "
"...In the past year, employee blogs have begun to multiply across Corporate America -- and a growing number of companies approve...Increasingly, execs see employee blogs as a way to transform a transaction with a faceless behemoth into a personal relationship with an employee. Blogs are also hyper efficient at driving product innovation. And they create loyal audiences.
...Microsoft has been one of the biggest evangelists. A year ago, it had about 100 corporate bloggers. Today there are 800. ..Indeed, Chairman William H. Gates III is so certain that corporate blogging is the next gold rush in communications that he's practically handing out the pails and shovels by enabling any employee to create a blog within two seconds. Microsoft doesn't train employees in the fine art of blogs, but employees hold meetings to talk about them...
...blogs can be dangerous, representing a new legal netherworld...It's likely only a matter of time before some workplace pundit spills a trade secret, unwittingly leaks a clandestine launch date, or takes a swipe at a CEO that turns into slander.For now, though, many are running the risk...blogs are becoming a kind of undercover megaphone. One way to think of them is as the latest guerrilla marketing tool, a new kind of brand bait."

Maybe we should have blog networks at Universities (including here) to improve communication and collaboration between (and among) Universities, faculties or departments, staff and students, which can also facilitate a relationship of understanding and appreciation. In addition, it can facilitate knowledge sharing of ideas from every corner of the University (or Universities), and enable a more enjoyable, innovative and creative learning environment.

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