Wednesday, July 18

Eduforge (Join the Innovation for Education)

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"Eduforge is a virtual collaborative learning and exploratory environment designed for the sharing of ideas, research outcomes, open source educational software, and tools within a community of learners and researchers. It is an open access resource allowing anyone with an interest in the exploration of teaching and learning to join the community.
Eduforge encourages cross-institutional collaboration among individuals within an independent environment outside the normal boundaries of organisational infrastructure and resources. The Eduforge community is well supported by online communication, content and management tools, including Wiki tools, project management, forum, surveys, Current Versions System (CVS), and document uploading and sharing.

Eduforge was founded in January 2004 as part of the New Zealand Open Source Virtual Learning Environment (NZOSVLE) project. The project?s goals are to adopt, adapt and develop open source e-learning infrastructure for its consortium members, composed of polytechnics and universities. The software developed will be made available on Eduforge under the General Public Licence (GPL) for members of the community and the greater public. The underpinning philosophy of Eduforge can be described as ?open access and sharing?. The ?openness? of Eduforge is derived from its positioning as an open source educational software development community, which results in low barriers to enter and participate in collaborative development. As a matter of policy, Eduforge is not tied to an institutional agenda or commercialisation model. "
The biggest problem with these kind of projects, is to maintain the momentum, so we need to keep the "Buzz" buzzing. For those not interested, please share the URL: with others. I am sure people out there are interested to participate, but are simply not aware of such great projects.

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