Monday, July 23

Freedom and Empowerment:...the Next Step for Education and Technology

Link to article (By James Shimabukuro)
Title: Freedom and Empowerment: An Essay on the Next Step for Education and Technology


"James Shimabukuro acknowledges that the traditional school or college has efficiently educated students of varying ages, with interests in diverse subjects. But he argues that the "factory model" of education will fade quickly when teachers and students are empowered to make full use of Web-based instruction and freed to customize their learning environments. Shimabukuro foresees today's campuses being replaced by electronic zones and multipurpose community complexes; he also imagines that students will turn not to a single teacher, but to a partnership of learning advisors, paraprofessional monitors, and peer tutors to reach their academic goals. The primary impetus for such a revolution will originate inside our schools, Shimabukuro predicts, but legislative and community action will be needed to achieve it."

You need to register (with "Innovate: Journal of online education") to read the full article, but it is certainly worth it as it will also give you access to other interesting articles awakening your mind to the future of education. The future reality begins with visions of the past, and this article provides one worth exploring !

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