Wednesday, July 18

Open Learning Initiative (OLI) at Carnegie Mellon University

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"Through the OLI project, Carnegie Mellon is working to help the World Wide Web make good on its promise of widely accessible and effective online education. OLI grew out of collaboration among cognitive scientists, experts in human computer interaction and seasoned faculty who have both a deep expertise in their respective fields and a strong commitment to excellence in higher education. The project adds to online education the crucial elements of instructional design grounded in cognitive theory, formative evaluation for students and faculty, and iterative course improvement based on empirical evidence.

Innovative Components OLI courses include a number of innovative online instructional components such as:

  • cognitive tutors
  • virtual laboratories
  • group experiments
  • simulations

A primary objective of the project is to build a community of use for the courses that will play an important role in ongoing course development and improvement.
OLI should have a profound impact on higher education by increasing access to education, enhancing the quality of instruction and providing a model for a new generation of online courses and course materials that teach more effectively and appeal to students more powerfully than anything in existence today. Reviewer's Note: Try some of the sample courses. This initiative is excellent ! We should have similar initiatives in Malaysia and Asia. Also, read the Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative Evaluation Studies and course features, which gives examples of how OLI course components support successful learning. Especially, instructional designers and content authors will benefit tremendously from visiting this site. Actually, anyone involved with online education will benefit from exploring this site.

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