Monday, July 23

PDF Creator 0.8 (Excellent & Free)

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"PDFCreator (0.8) is a free tool to create PDFs easily from nearly any application. With the PDFCreator Printer driver you turn any program into a PDF-machine"
Improvements (in Version 0.8):
  • Security! PDFCreator can handle either security settings from AFPL Ghost above 8.14 or can use then program 'pdfenc' from Steven Lee.
  • Improved printer driver handling
  • 2 new variables: OptionsEnable and OptionsVisible (a simple protection to save the options - useful for administrators) Set this variables manually in the file PDFCreator.ini to save the options.
  • Email Clients: Succesfully tested with MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora,
  • Pegasus Mail (WsendTo.exe), The Bat!, Foxmail, Sylpheed-Claws, IncrediMail Problems with: Ak-Mail, GeMail, Postguard, Vivian Mail
  • Add PDF document properties 'Keywords' and 'Subject'
  • You can add printable files (also via 'Drag and Drop') and through the windows explorer context menu.
  • Added Commandline parameter PF: Convert a printable file in a pdf document example: pdfcreator.exe -PF"c:autoexec.bat"
  • Update check from PDFCreator Menu.

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