Monday, July 23

The Real Story Behind the Failure of U.K. eUniversity

Link to article (By Richard Garrett)
"In February 2000, with much fanfare, the British government announced funding of 62 million ($113 million) for a national, commercial e-university called United Kingdom e-University (UKeU). The initiative was touted as an innovative response to the perceived opportunities and threats of online higher education in the form of U.S. institutions such as the University of Phoenix Online and the University of Maryland University College, not to mention the many at the time dot-com start-ups such as NYU Online and Cardean University.
Despite considerable resources and a lengthy development period given to UKeU, the government announced in February 2004 that the project had failed to meet recruiting targets, and it quickly became clear that the initiative would not survive..."
This article looks at some of the reasons for UKeU's failure, which include timing, focus, branding, platform investment (around 35 Million US Dollars), and impatience. A great article that we should all read and learn from .

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