Monday, July 23

Top researchers views on gaming in business & education

Link to article (By Jason Stitt and Les Chappell)

"If the last video game you played was Pac-Man, you might have missed the advances that turned games into immersive training tools for skilled professionals and leaders."

Three University of Wisconsin-Madison professors (Constance Steinkuehler, Kurt Squire and James Paul Gee), among the top researchers in learning through game-playing, explains the advantages of games over traditional teaching tools in this short article with a lot of interesting comments from the public (including mine ).

Also, check out this video about "How Games are Reshaping Business" (97 minutes) by these three professors mentioned above, and this article : Video games and the future of learning (By Kurt R. Squire, Richard Halverson and James P. Gee), which really awakens our minds on how games can play a huge impact in making the e-learning environment more immersive, interactive, interesting, collaborative and enjoyable.

Interesting games mentioned in this article include Age of Mythology, Full Spectrum Warrior, Biohazard, and Civilization III. Let's play to learn !

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