Monday, July 23

Transforming CMS into Effective Learning Environments

Link to article (260 KB PDF. By Colleen Carmeen and Jeremy Haefner)
"Effective use of CMS (Course Management System) bundled technologies should enable students to experience "Deeper Learning" or the learning environment which students can "learn much more, learn it earlier and more easily, and fundamentally, learn it with a pleasure and commitment that only a privileged few now feel toward school learning (Andrea DiSessa)"
According to the authors there are five (5) core deeper learning principles. Deeper learning is:
  • Social
  • Active
  • Contextual
  • Engaging
  • Student-owned

When well-constructed practices around these deeper learning principles are used within a CMS, incredibly robust and effective learning environments are created...The possibility of deeper learning lies with both students and instructors: When they understand their diverse needs and requirements and bring these to the CMS, they can create their own effective learning environment."

If you really want to know what the authors are talking about, I recommend you read this article (URL above) very carefully. In short, to provide an excellent learning environment you need a pedagogically sound CMS, students willing to learn and participate, and knowledgeable and motivated instructors who nurture and encourage them in the learning process and environment. Excellent stuff!

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