Monday, July 23

Visions 2020: Transforming Education and Training... (WOW)

Link to articles (PDF) & Visions 2020 site & Technology reports (USA)
"Visioning exercise about the future of e-learning, primarily in the area of K - 12. Wide range of contributors from George Lucas Educational Foundation, Harvard, UC Berkeley, HP Labs, Maxis, and an introduction by Bill Gates."

"The way we (USA) organize schools and provide instruction is essentially the same as it was when our Founding Fathers went to school. Many education and training institutions have simply applied technology on top of traditional teaching practices, rather than reinventing themselves around the possibilities new technologies present.

Even more powerful technologies are under development by U.S. businesses, universities, and government that could be harnessed to transform education and training in ways previously unimaginable. Rapid advancements in the years ahead could enable new learning environments using simulation, visualization, virtual worlds, personal intelligent tutors, learning and collaboration unbounded by geography, vast digital libraries and museums, and more. The technologies that are coming could create compelling learning opportunities that help students of all ages reach their potential through individualized learning and progression, provide knowledge and training when and where they are needed, while boosting the productivity of learning and lowering its cost..."

Yes, USA is certainly preparing for an educational world beyond our imagination. Let's spend some time with those collection of articles (PDF above) and please visit the site, as it will be real eye opener to the potential future. We can learn so much from these articles and of course all the reports found on the site. It is certainly the most interesting site I have visited this year in terms of education, technology and e-learning .

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