Wednesday, July 18

wwwtools for Education (5 star site)

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"wwwtools is designed to keep you informed and to save valuable time in tracking down information and resources on the World Wide Web. Each article is on a particular topic or issue related to Web-based teaching and learning. The articles take a skilled researcher between 10 and 20 hours to research and prepare. Many of the topics covered are suggested by our readers--if you're curious about a particular subject or issue send a "research" request to the contact below.Whenever a new article is added to the database you will be informed by email. You can opt-out of the email list at any time. Articles remain on this data base - however only paid or sponsored subscribers can view archived articles older than 3 months ."

Absolutely a great site for people involved in education. Teachers, students and e-learning researchers are going to love this site, which include all sorts of articles from digital libraries to music in education. However, accessing articles older than 3 months would require you to pay (stick to Latest Articles), but besides that it is a great site. This site needs to be bookmarked in your favorites, it is simply Yummi!

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