Tuesday, August 28

Classtools.net (Create Educational Flash Games On-The-Fly)

"Create educational games, activities and diagrams in a Flash! Host them on your own blog, website or intranet! ClassTools.net is a FREE website allowing teachers and students to create interactive Flash diagrams for learning and revising material."

Learning while having fun Playing Games!
This is an online educational game creator that you can have a lot of fun with developing interactive games, activities and diagrams on-the-fly for your students (or friends). Currently, it has around 15 different templates to play around with, but I won't be surprised if this number is increased into a triple digit soon (it also invites others to share templates with them) . ClassTools.net is a really easy-to-learn and use educational game creator, and now it even enables you to create links to your games direct from your blog or website. Although, some of the templates perhaps need a face lift, it is certainly a great start and it is free (for crying out loud!). Here is an example created by Lauren Eno (Thanks in advance for sharing!).

click here for full screen version

Have fun creating Flash-based educational games without requiring a programmer or a graphic designer :)

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