Monday, August 20

Schoolr (All-In-One Online Research Tool)

Schoolr's Blog:

This All-In-One search tool enables you to access several I-always-use sites (to find stuff) from one site, which currently include family, Google, Wikipedia, Acrnonym Finder, Urban Dictionary, SparkNotes, NCSU, and unitconversion (Hopefully and other juicy search sites could be added to the list soon). Since the search fields on Schoolr are linked directly to the sites they represent, it should not be difficult to add more (Though, information overload might kick-in).

Better yet, why not create a tool that enables us to add whatever tools we want to use for online researching (By the way the 'r' in Schoolr stands for 'research'), providing us the flexibility to access all our personal favorite juicy research tools from one site, saving us precious time. To add spice to it, we are able to see statistics on which research tools are mostly used, and who are using what, and the different combinations (on one site) used by anyone (according to the user's preferences), including gurus like Joseph Hart, Jay Cross, and Jane Knight (who linked me to this tool). For information overload geeks like me, I would like to see all these research tools search at once, meaning that we only need to enter once (one entry field only, saving us more precious time) with checkboxes to the research tools (and the ability to add new checkboxes as we discover), and then the window will split into 2,4,6, 8 or more smaller windows (depending upon your selected checkboxes), enabling us to multi-task between all the juice (or summarize the findings using some Artificial Intelligence and/or Fuzzy logic). Enough!!!!

In addition, there are surely many other things we could do to spice up and make this great initiative more crispy and delicious.

Actually (I am no programmer, so please ignore the rest of this post if it does not make sense), the technology behind this tool is not spectacular, but the idea is creative and innovative (Respect!). As far as I understand (after watching the Channel News video. Yeah, I liked the 'Chicken Little' promotion method, too!), it all came about when one whizz kid (founder) simply got fed up going to all these sites to do his online researching and solved his problem by creating Schoolr (all-in-one), and by doing so he has actually made our research life easier (if we use it, too).

So, if you are fed up, got a problem, or frustrated with something?

Please, remember that problems and frustrations are great opportunities to discover, invent, create, innovate,change the world, become famous, and make big bucks :)

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