Tuesday, September 11

30-Minute Masters in Instructional Design (Clive Shepherd)

URL: http://www.learning15.net/wiki/index.php?title=The_30-minute_masters

"The 30-minute masters originated from a discussion between Cammy Bean and myself (Clive Shepherd) at the Boston eLearning Guild Annual Gathering earlier this year. We set out to develop a curriculum that could teach subject experts and generalist trainers the essentials of instructional design in just 30 minutes (The 30-minute masters will be presented at DevLearn 2007) ...more "

The goal of this exercise is to develop a curriculum to train subject-matter experts in the design of rapid e-learning materials for use in the workplace.

  • Module I: Prepare
    1. Set a realistic goal.
    2. Consider the content from the learner's point of view.
  • Module II: Inform
    3. Hook learners in emotionally.
    4. Present your material clearly, simply and in a logical order.
    5. Illuminate your material with imagery.
    6. Consider using audio.
  • Module III: Consolidate
    7. Put your material into context with examples, cases and stories.
    8. Engage users with challenging interactions.
    9. End with a call to action.

(Click here to view the full course curriculum. Still under construction using a Wiki!)

If you have time, please check out Father Guido Sarducci's Five Minute University, too. A great laugh with some great points! Anyone that has been through formal education would probably be able to relate to it. Interestingly and seriously, according to the authors anyone can build their own 30-minute masters course based in whole or in part on these materials provided on this site. If you wish you can even sell this course to others, but you should give KUDOS and recognition to the masterminds. Though, keep in mind it is still under construction.

One might be able to go through the Masters curriculum in 30-minutes, but I suppose it would take a longer time to be able to apply the lessons learned effectively (Process + Knowledge = Skills?). But overall it is a great idea and with such experts constructing or nurturing the curriculum it will be interesting to follow the progress. Since they are using a Wiki, we can also contribute.

Yes, I remember when I got my first job in the area of e-learning (2001). I was entitled Instructional Designer without any training. They asked me to read a few books, and get my hands dirty with a huge project. I struggled and suffered, but looking back at it, I realized that Learning-by-Doing (with guidance) is simply the best (at least for skills development, if possible) :)


Cammy Bean said...

Hey Zaid,

Glad you're finding the 30-minutes masters curriculum useful. Clive has pulled off quite a feat!

Like you, I found my way into instructional design without any formal training and have picked it up by doing (and lately, reading a LOT).


Unknown said...

Dear Cammy,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience with getting introduced into instructional design (ID) :)

We have something in common :)

Warm Regards,