Wednesday, September 26

E-Learning 2.0 in Development (Stephen Downes)

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"The theme of Brandon Hall Innovations conference is “Doing, Playing, Sharing, and Understanding.” They've designed this exciting event to maximize the participants hands-on experience with innovative tools and technologies and to provide them with a glimpse into the future of learning. You’ll leave the conference with actual skills they can apply to advance innovative learning within your organization.....They also abandoned the traditional ‘speakers-with-PowerPoint-slides’ model at the Brandon Hall Innovations in Learning Conference ... "

Well, that didn't stop Stephen Downes from using PowerPoint slides to share his ideas and reflections, which we now can enjoy and reflect. Yes, also all those participants that were connected online during the actual session (I suppose everyone there!), could access the slides from Slideshare. Again, it just shows that having fixed rules (or barriers) for learning are not very effective with today's disruptive technologies (The only fixed rule should be: Connect and Engage!). Anyway, whatever rules set, here is his presentation slides. Also, watch out for his audio recording (podcast) of this presentation, because you might get confused if you are new to e-learning. I will post it here when available, or perhaps he will pop by to do so (Dreaming?).

According to Stephen Downes "the idea is that learning is not based on objects and contents that are stored, as though in a library...Rather the idea is that learning is like a utility - like water or electricity - that flows in a network or a grip, that we tap into when we want...The way NETWORK learns is the way PEOPLE learn...they are both complex systems, and the organization of each depends on connections (Connectivism - George Siemens) ."

Then he goes on to talk about being learning centred (learning is owned by the learner), immersive learning, connect learning, game-based learning, workflow learning, mobile learning, and finally explores Personal Learning Environments (PLE) in details. I especially, like his simple description of PLE involving four (4) steps or pieces (again and again): Demonstrate-Model-Practice-Reflect, and he ends up discussing the Choice-Identity-Creativity issue, where learners are provided with simulated or actual learning events to facilitate their learning and creativity (If you are lost check slide 71 and onwards). Yes, he puts it nicely by emphasizing on learning ownership, "People talk about 'motivation' - but the real issue is OWNERSHIP.

Since my reflections is based only on the slides shared by Stephen, I might have gotten it creatively wrong, though! However, to sum up I believe we need to empower learners (and educators) with more dynamic and easy-to-use tools to share/discuss/collaborate/reflect learning experiences, and engage in learning networks to nurture new ideas, contents, products, services, and things. In short, we all need to take ownership of our own learning :)


Downes said...

Your summary of the talk is pretty accurate.

Audio is available as well.

Zaid Ali Alsagoff said...

Thanks Stephen Downes,

Good to know that I have managed to make some sense from the slides without actually listening to the talk.

Also, now we have the chance to actually listen to the talk.

In short, thanks for updating us, and now we can listen to your words of wisdom, too (in addition to the excellent slides) :)

Warm Regards,