Tuesday, September 4

Faculty 2.0 (Joel L. Hartman, Charles Dziuban, and James Brophy-Ellison)

URL: http://www.educause.edu/apps/er/erm07/erm0753.asp

"(Conclusion)...As faculty members confront the expanding impact that technology is having on their scholarship, research, teaching, and students—what Peter Vaill calls "Permanent White Water"—IT organizations must assess what role they will play in shaping, implementing, and supporting the assimilation of IT into the teaching and learning process. Should the goal be to persuade and assist faculty members to adopt technology, or should it be to enable systemic transformation? When technology is "bolted on" to an existing process, the usual result is a modest improvement in the process and also higher costs. To obtain both greater improvement and reduced costs, higher education institutions must redesign the process so as to take maximum advantage of the enabling capabilities of technologies. Such initiatives, as Bates suggests, will ultimately produce the greatest benefit for the largest number of faculty in a manner that aligns with institutional goals, is sustainable, and will lead to transformation at course, program, and institutional levels."

A yummy article which also provides 13 bullets (of reflections) on how the diffusion of technology into the T&L space is producing a number changes to which faculty members must adapt. Also, check out the Teaching Excellence and Faculty Development sections. In short, the whole article is mind awakening and inspiring, or actually a bit scary if you are not IT-savvy :)

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