Friday, September 14

Free Video Lectures From The World's Top Scientists!

"The mission of Videolectures.NET is to offer everybody a free access to high-quality scientific video lectures thus expanding educational opportunities, promoting scientific achievements, and facilitating the creation, use, and re-use of Videolectures.Net materials."

If you have broadband access and you are passionate to learn from some of the World's leading and prominent scientist (according to the site), this is certainly a stimulating place to watch them share their ideas, experiences and knowledge (+1800 lectures). Yes, you can even find Noam Chomsky discussing Force, law and the prospects of survival. As for me, I prefer the Interviews section, where I can even enjoy watching an interview with Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web (WWW).

If you are hungry for lectures in the field of Computer Science (+500), you are going to love this site, though if your passion is in the areas of Environment, Science, Society , Arts, Business, Computers you might be disappointed (for now), as the lecture collections are quite limited.

Then again, I suppose the collections will continue to grow, so you never know :)

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