Friday, October 5

Lecturefox - Free University Lectures!

Lecturefox is a free service. You can find high-quality lectures from universities all over the world. They collect lectures from official universities, and they have a special interest in lectures from the faculties computer science, mathematics and physics. In the category faculty-mix you can find miscellaneous lectures from other departments like electrical engineering, chemistry, biology, psychology, economics, history and philosophy.

Andreas and Ellen Petersen (from Germany) are the founders of

Google you should consider supporting or buying this project before Yahoo or MSN does! WHY?

User statistics - Jan-Sep 2007 (Source):

I suppose with a bit more creative and aggressive marketing, promotion and awareness, these figures could easily reach to 50-100 million page loads per year. It sounds a lot, but after exploring YouTube's viewing figures (e.g. Evolution of Dance alone = +59 MILLION views), why not!

After scanning through the growing juicy Lecturefox collection (+400 and growing!), here are a few lectures to stimulate our minds (to use Lecturefox):

I simply love the interface design, white breathing space, simplicity and ease-of-use/search/find (video, audio or notes) at Lecturefox. Yeah, the Fox used to be known as a brutal thief in the old world causing chaos on the farm, killing the sheep, and messing up our dustbins, but in the new world order it is the Robin Hood of knowledge sharing. Way to go LectureFox!

Though, there is still room for improvement, especially in the users' ability to navigate through the lecture collections (e.g. one cannot jump pages or select the number of resources to view at one time). But, those things are only minor fixes and can be easily added (if wanted), and they do not take away Lecturefox's Google like simplicity and speed (to find stuff).

Yes, next time I want to find a particular lecture I will begin my journey on Lecturefox :)

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