Thursday, November 1

Eddies’ Edublogs Awards (Learning Repository!)

An annual event (4th) where the best education blogs of the year are decided by, well, you!

Importantly, we can also submit our nominations for 2007 (20 categories!). So, if you are vain enough (or really good!) , I suppose you can submit your own blog (or others!). To be honest, I dumped my blog in the 'Best new blog' category for the fun of it!

Awards is one thing, but the real juice to me, is the exploration of the previous winners and success stories. Whether they are deserved winners or not, you can discover a whole lot of juice by simply exploring the 2004, 2005 and 2006 past champions (2007 soon, etc.). Let's recap some of the juice:

Champions 2004

Champions 2005

Champions 2006

In short, we can find a lot of juicy blogs on this site that can facilitate our learning in many ways, including in becoming a better 'Edublogger'. Perhaps, we should think of it as a small learning repository containing some of the great 'Edublogs' :)

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