Friday, December 21

PassPack - Online Password Manager!

PassPack is an online password manager for people who travel or change computers often. Unlike other password managers, PassPack is available 24/7 via internet, nothing to download or install. You can save up to 100 entries for free!

On the sad note, paid upgrades will be available in the future. Hopefully, this will never happen! I suppose there is nothing wrong with charging for special support services to corporate clients and special people, but please continue to enable the free version to enjoy the juicy features that people like me signed up for in the first place.

Anyway, this is certainly a high demand area that most of us are crying for, so there will probably be plenty of free tools available in the near future for those that are not willing to pay for such services. If you know of any other excellent password management tools available now, could you please share it with us. Thanks!

Here are some of the useful features that you can enjoy (and minimize memory and login headaches) with this tool:

  • Anti-Phishing Welcome Message - Customized, IP filtered, Welcome Message.
  • 1 Click Auto-login - Click to login as you browse. No plugin needed.
  • Rapid Sign In with "remember me" - Enter just one key to access them all.
  • Import, Export, Backup and Restore - Move your data wherever you'd like.
  • Optional Offline Version - No internet connection? Access your stuff anyway.
  • Easy Entry Window - Just one click and fill out the form.
  • Password Generator - Quickly generate a unique password.
  • Scrambled Password Field - Safely hide passwords from prying eyes.
  • Password Quality Tester - Know how strong your passwords are.

We all seem to have so many different places to login to these days, and an online/offline password manager might just be the right direction for us to access all these places without needing to enter our user IDs and passwords, which we often forget.

I was thrilled to learn about this tool, but after playing around with it, I didn't actually find it that user-friendly. Although, this tool might be useful for dumping our user IDs and passwords for all our social and educational sites (and so on), I would not risk using it for online banking services (More worried about my sloppy actions and not following appropriate guidelines, than the tool's security features!).

Overall, it is a useful tool, but I would also like to see such features actually embedded directly in our University systems (e.g. LMS, Learning Portal). For example, it would be nice if I could add my user IDs and passwords (ideally in automated form) to my Facebook, Second Life, Ning, etc. using a simple entry form (add as many sites/tools as I like!). By doing so, when I login to my University system I am automatically logged in to all my other favorite learning/socializing sites. You kind of create your own single sign-on with whatever relevant tools you use for learning and interacting. I suppose some University systems already have this!

Not only do I want auto-login, but I want RSS feeds from each learning space, so I don't even need to enter my different learning sites/spaces unless necessary. Finally, I would like to have my own dashboard with auto-login links to my tools, and updates from all of them through textual and visual displays of relevant information, customized and designed through a cool selection of flexible templates and features.

I suppose we could call it my 'Mobile Personal Learning Dashboard'. I suppose Yahoo, Google and Microsoft already provide something like this, but in the world of widgets we expect more! I suppose my mobile personal learning dashboard will work offline and online, but will also be easy to teleport with the help of my thumb drive, too. Plug it in, and I am ready to take off (Don't need to wait for the passengers, crew, or loading!)! Actually, all this stuff already exists, so why am I talking about it. Any showcase samples to share? :)

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