Thursday, December 6

Seven Sensibilities of Learning in a Virtual World (Dr. Tony O’Driscoll)

If you are interested in using Second Life, or other Virtual World technologies for learning purposes, Dr. Tony O’Driscoll's 10-minute presentation will give you an excellent crash course discussing the “Seven Sensibilities of Learning in a Virtual World,” which are:

  1. The Sense of Self
  2. The Death of Distance
  3. The Power of Presence
  4. The Sense of Space
  5. The Capability to Co-Create
  6. The Pervasiveness of Practice
  7. The Enrichment of Experience
According to Dr. Tony, these seven sensibilities will bring new FREEDOMS to our learning (please view the graphic and watch the video!) .

Welcome to the Matrix of learning:

If you are planning to construct your own little Virtual World learning space, I suppose this is a great crash course (on the learning possibilities), or framework to get you started. Virtual worlds are certainly here to stay, but let's hope that we don't forget to spend quality time with our family, friends, colleagues, etc. in the traditional world, although it might not be that exciting. Sometimes we have no choice (e.g. distance), but sometimes we do. Think... :)

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