Monday, December 24

WiZiQ - A Free Virtual Classroom Tool!

On WiZiQ educators and learners can connect live anywhere in the world from home using this FREE virtual classroom software. Inside the virtual classroom you share an interactive synchronized collaborative environment where you can communicate with each other on one-to-one basis using microphone, chat and share whiteboard (similar to blackboard in the classroom), presentation and documents.

WiZiQ's virtual classroom features include:

  • Two way audio
  • Text chat
  • Multiple participants
  • PowerPoint & PDF sharing
  • Whiteboard
  • Media files like gif, jpg, swf, png etc.
  • All sessions are recorded
  • Only you have access
  • Review them later

The free Live Class module for Moodle is now available. Moodle users can activate a block and an activity from within Moodle to schedule and launch sessions in WiZiQ’s virtual classroom.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to install it, which includes video tutorials.

No annoying downloads are required, and WiZiQ's Flash-based learning environment works in any web browser and on any operating system. Multiple choice WiZiQ tests have, recently, been also added to the site. In addition, free public sessions are offered on an ongoing basis and recorded completed sessions are available for viewing.

"In future, we will offer certain advanced features on WiZiQ for a monthly subscription fee. However, basic features on WiZiQ will always be free (Source)." Let's hope that also PowerPoint (or file) sharing and multiple participants (say up to 40!) will always remain free.

I have been waiting for years for a free easy-to-use Flash-based virtual classroom (synchronous learning) tool, which also has PowerPoint or file sharing capability. So, Patricia you have certainly made my day with that great news!

I suppose all the commercial virtual classroom alternatives (Centra, Adobe, WebEx, etc.) will increasingly need to be more creative about making revenue, at least in the education sector. Yeah, very soon Yahoo, Google and MSN (Why not add Facebook, too!) will have their own virtual classrooms with such capability, too.

WiZiQ thanks for initiating the battle for virtual classroom freedom, enabling all educators and learners around the world (with computers and Internet access) to synchronously collaborate, communicate, and learn online for free. I am surprised that Google and the Gang did not think of it before.

Yeah, now we can even integrate WiZiQ with Moodle as an 'Activity Module'! This is the one learning tool really missing in Moodle! WiZiQ to the rescue! I love it :)


Jagdeep. S. Pannu said...

Hi Zaid,

Thanks a ton for all the nice words on WiZiQ. I know this is coming a bit late, but I thought I had already posted a comment to you. I remember that I wrote a comment, but maybe it got caught in a bad connection at my end. Ah! it's easy to get lost in 57 Firefox tabs. :-P

We at WiZiQ, are focused on online education, and educators have helped us come this far with their valuable inputs. When we see a post like this one, we really get encouraged and we know that we are on the right track!

So thanks again for your kind words and as this post is more focussed towards our free Virtual Classroom offering, I would also like to take this opportunity to point users to our virtual classroom page.

Jagdeep Singh Pannu
For WiZiQ

menSh said...

Thanks Zaid for the post!

Yes! I tried it upon your recommendation and it was really stable, fast, effective and functional!

That is a great piece of Open Source.. thanks WizIQ.