Monday, January 28

Database Blog Listing Free Software and Resources (Patricia Donaghy)

"The purpose of this site is to help promote the use of free and open source resources and to share my discoveries with as many people as possible" - Patricia Donaghy

This very useful blog started recently on the 4th of January, 2008 (based on the first post). Although, this blog is kind of new, you can already find more than three dozen free learning tools to explore. Even more important, resources are continually being added to the site. At least one per day for every day of the year! In other words, by the end of 2008, we can expect to find more than 360 free tools shared and organized in this useful database blog (refer to the Labels)!).

In addition, I like this blog's approach and design, whereby you have a bit of visual stimulation (screenshot or logo of the tool), a super brief summary (one paragraph!) , and of course a link to get you to the free tool. In addition, one question is asked for every tool, which anyone can comment: What do you think of _______?. I think the idea behind your blog is great :)

Actually, this new database blog reminds me a bit of Jane's E-Learning Pick of the Day blog, which then stocks up the discovered tools in an amazing Directory of Learning Tools (including about 1,500 free ones!). Though, while Jane focuses on both commercial and free tools, Patricia focuses exclusively on free software and resources (So, no false hope!). So, if you ask me, I would recommend using both these 'Toolicious' sites to explore and discover new free learning tools and resources. By doing so, I am pretty sure we will not miss out on all the juicy free learning tools available to us today.

In addition, Patricia is also creating an International Edubloggers Directory (Check it out!). Finally, she already has a wonderful Using ICT in Further Education blog, which discusses free resources (including some of the interesting tools posted in her 'Database' blog), but also adds tips particularly relevant to education (value added!).

Now that Patricia has 3 blogs (and perhaps others?) to multi-task and maintain, I suppose she will be very busy in the coming days, weeks, months, etc. But then again, embarking on these noble initiatives should provide the sparks, energy and motivation to succeed. Patricia, you certainly have my vote of support (Obama, sorry!) :)


Ron said...


I work for an elearning firm in Bangalore, India. We are looking at building a database of off the shelf content providers for different industry verticals. Would you know any content providers who have domain related content on retail / manufacturing / healthcare? Would be a great hekp if you could let me know. As mentioned we are not looking at custom course development, only off the shelf providers.


ng2000 said... hosts free msaccess databases look-alikes for windows. Might offer something helpful.