Wednesday, January 2

Peter's Online Typing Course (Extremely Useful!)

Turn Yourself Into a Typing Hero!

"By the time you finish this course, you will be able to confidently type all the letters, numbers and the most common symbols, with proper ten-finger touch typing technique. Although there is some use of interactive multimedia here, this course is minimalist in nature, purposely without many of the bells and whistles common to some of the other typing sites and CD-ROMs out there. Frankly, such things often end up simply adding a lot of clutter, and consequently produce a counter-educational effect. The focus here is on sound pedagogy, and facilitating progressive and efficient (but hopefully not boring!) learning. I believe there is everything here necessary for you to become an accomplished typist in the shortest amount of time possible. Plus, this course has the great advantage of being FREE, without the need of registration, or any such silly marketing-things!" - Peter Hudson

From what I have learned after observing many Professors and Senior Lecturers (PSL) in action, is that they often lack the ability to type quickly. It is often the one, two, three, four fingers magic show! This typing course is great, because it is easy-to-read-learn-practice, and you don't need to save penguins or score hoops doing it, which might not appeal to PSL. It wouldn't also surprise me if there is a strong correlation between poor typing skills and de-motivation to facilitate online learning (e-mails, forums, chatting, etc.). In short, the faster you type, the more time you have to think (Better yet, do it at the same time!). The beauty comes when you are capable of typing as fast as (or faster than) you think. Also, then you don't need to say, "What was I thinking again?".

If you find this free online typing course a bit boring, and want more 'bells and whistles', here are more free typing tutors/tutorials/courses you might want to explore (Via Patricia Donaghy and Jane Hart):

  • Goodtyping
    Free online typing course. Please try it without registering. If you like what you practice, then bother to register :)

  • TypingWeb
    is a free online typing tutor & keyboarding tutorial for typists of all ages. All skill levels will benefit from TypingWeb's free keyboarding lessons.

  • Rapid Typing
    A typing game, where the training takes place in a “virtual picturesque underwater world” adding some fun to the learning.
    Take typing speed test and practice typing online.

  • PowerTyping
    An online free typing tutor for kids, students and adults alike!

  • BBC Typing Tutorial
    Aimed at the younger kids, but is great fun for anyone learning typing.

So, if we are not 'Billy the Kid' in typing, I suppose we have another potential New Year's mission for 2008. Yeah, I am practicing it right now :)


PDonaghy said...

Hi Zaid
Thanks for this find. I am always on the look out for touch typing programs for my students. This is the first online one that I have come across that does not require any download. Found a handly little typing tutor, which I will be posting shortly. Watch out...

lullofish said...

Peter's online typing course is simple and powerful, but unfortunatly useless, because it doesn't offer the opportunity to customize the keyboard.
Too bad that it is also impossible to contact the author

Unknown said...

It's useless to me unless I can customize the keyboard layout. Too bad it doesn't have a suggestion link.

Unknown said...

It's useless to me unless I can customize the keyboard layout, too bad it doesn't have a suggestion link either.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Although I have recommended this course to someone, with the emphasis on correctness I was surprised to find several typos in the explanatory paragraphs:

Lesson 1 it more than likey has
Lesson 6 it is ok to move you're whole hand
Lesson 8 You may find now that you fingers
Lesson 10 friend's last email, or ANTHING

I couldn’t find any way to contact Mr. Hudson.

Unknown said...

Barbara Trip,

Sorry, I have no clue how to contact Mr. Hudson :(

This post is from 2008, so I am also surprised it is still being referenced. I am sure by now there are other better typing tools freely available.

Here is the 2009 version, but still outdated:

All the best with finding Mr. Hudson and perhaps finding better online tools to enhance our typing skills.

Thanks and warm regards,