Thursday, January 24

Visible Body - 3D Human Anatomy Visualization Tool

Argosy's Visible Body is a great and comprehensive 3D human anatomy visualization tool, which includes 3D models of over 1,700 anatomical structures, including all major organs and systems of the human body.

To access this amazing 3D human anatomy learning tool, you just need to register, and then it is FREE to play!


  • Complete, fully interactive, 3D human anatomy model
  • Detailed models of all body systems
  • Dynamic search capability
  • Easy-to-use, 3D controls
  • Seamless compatibility with Internet Explorer

If you are teaching human anatomy or anything related, you certainly have an amazing learning tool to engage learners with. Learners will be able to discover our anatomy in an interactive and 3D way (On their own, too!), which is really worlds' apart from the way I learned about the human anatomy (A boring static plastic skeleton doll!).

So, if your lecturer does not know about this 'Visible Body' learning tool, perhaps you should suggest it to him. I suppose the lecturer can use the plastic skeleton doll in class (it has also probably evolved significantly!), and then students can have group or individual assignments to explore the human anatomy in a more interactive way using this 3D virtual learning tool, which also includes tutorials.

If you find this amazing learning resource too complicated (or heavy to load!), you could always explore BBC's Human Body and Mind site, which is also great :)


Anna said...

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zachary orange said...

I'm enjoying & learning Human Anatomy & Arosy's Visible Body Wite Site