Thursday, February 21

60+ Killer OCW Collections for Web Designers (Jessica Hupp)

Stephen Carson
(in his super OpenFiction blog!) talks about a 2nd generation type of OCW (OpenCourseWare) collection, which assembles a list of courses from various university OCWs into a curriculum. And then he shares with us a great example...

Jessica Hupp has managed to compile and organize an amazing collection of OCW for web designers. Click here to enjoy more than 60 OCW, covering everything from design theory to Internet culture!

Here are a few gems that caught my attention:

Please, check out the rest if you have time! It is simply an amazing list of web design related courses. Coming to think of it, if you actually study all these courses, you should be certified with a Masters of Web Design (Certificate of Attendance!).

A 3rd generation type of OCW collection, assembles a list of individual learning resources (e.g. audio/video lectures) for a specific course (outline) from various OCWs around the world (We used to call it 'Learning Objects' or 'LO', but I am not sure if this buzz word is dead!). Basically, lecturers (and students) explore, discover, collect and assemble what they consider to be the best learning resources found in OCW (or OER) collections around the world related to the negotiated course outline. The challenge will be to filter (resource overload!) and tailor (remix, mashup, synthesize, adapt, etc.) the assembled learning resources to the learners.

Lecturers still create certain portions of the course (missing links!), but their role is also to connect learners to great learning resources and people easily available (Isn't that how it was done in the old days? Though, a bit tougher without the computer, Internet, Browser and Google!). Also, lecturers should have the expertise to filter the good from the bad and nasty! If something is really great and available for free, why not use it to facilitate the learning process (Don't hide it!)! The bottom-line is not our ego or content ownership, but to ensure that learners have access to the best possible learning resources available. I am pretty sure that there are lecturers out there that are already creating amazing 3rd generation OCW collections for their courses. Now, are you doing it? Hmm, am I doing it?

With an open mind to OCW and OER collections, we can create and facilitate really amazing learning environments which are filled with great learning resources, engaging discussions and a lot of relevant and dynamic learning activities. Think sharing! Think collaborating! Think networking! Think connecting! Think learning! Think possibilities :)

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