Monday, February 18

More than 100 Free Places to Learn Online (Jeff Cobb)

"... There is so much available out there for free—even things that offer credit—and given how easy it is for non-technical subject matter experts to contribute content, it will only keep growing. Quality is all over the place right now, but I suspect competition among aggregators and the growing influence of the open education movement will drive higher quality over time. All of this suggests at least a couple of things, in my opinion:

  • If part of your business strategy is to generate revenue from learning experiences provided to members, customers, or students and you haven’t yet considered how “free” impacts you, it’s high time.
  • “Free” learning could potentially be one of the better forms of customer engagement in the world of the new Web—though this does not come without issues, as Stephen Downes and Lisa Neal have pointed out in a recent issue of eLearn Magazine... "

Major categories:

I love the resources, index style and simple organization (I don't know why, but I simply love straight-to-the-point index style lists)! Of course you might be overwhelmed with such a huge list, but Jeff has done a splendid job in making it easier to actually find relevant and useful learning sites with categories and site tagging (e.g. T – Text-based offerings).

If you ask me to suggest three (3) sites to explore to stimulate new ideas and learn from some of the most creative, innovative and successful (in that respect!) people on this planet, I would refer to Jeff's growing list and link you to:

I got to admit that Jeff Cobb's Mission to Learn blog is increasingly becoming one of my favorite destinations to discover and learn. Last week I discovered his new Learning 2.0 eBook, and now this excellent index of free learning resources. What's next :)


Joan Vinall-Cox said...

have you seen ?

Unknown said...

Of course :)

I have mentioned Jane's great blog and learning tools directory more than a dozen times in this blog, starting from here:

It is certainly one of the best learning tools blogs and directories around today :)

Thanks for sharing, though!

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