Monday, February 11

Open Education - Free Education For All!

" (by Go College) is a site dedicated to tracking the changes occurring in education today. In an era where it is possible to photoshop images, facebook people, and access an endless stream of knowledge by googling, the Internet Age offers both great promise and enormous challenges for educators. At, readers will be exposed to both an objective and subjective look at the many issues facing the profession today (Source)."

The site editor Thomas J. Hanson (31 years in education), “relishes the opportunity to share his thoughts on the challenges facing educators and families in today’s complex world. Tom’s belief has always been that teaching is the second most difficult and the second most important job in the world, second only to the challenge and importance of being a parent. He publicly acknowledges his frustration regarding the lack of respect now accorded public school educators, noting that the expectations placed upon schools today are greater now than at any time in history yet the challenges facing children have never been more significant (Source)."

If you want to keep yourself updated on changes or issues occurring in education today (especially in North America) this is an excellent new learning avenue to explore (since June 1, 2007) . Here, you can find articles or posts discussing distance learning, teaching and learning, open source software, OpenCourseWare, public policy, intellectual property and much more. The articles (blog posts) published on this site are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Personally, I like the fact that this site (or blog) is updated consistently and often, and the posts are original, stimulating, attractive (cool graphics!), useful and relevant. Here are three (3) articles to support my case:

Thumbs up on the learning juice factor! Perhaps, they should make the archive a bit easier to access, enabling us easily to jump and scan through all the interesting articles published here. Anyway that is a small matter, which can easily be tweaked if wanted or needed.

Overall, I believe (I hope!) I have shared with you enough learning incentives to explore this excellent site further, which is free for all :)

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