Friday, February 1

Wetpaint - 1-2-3 My Free Wiki Is Up!

A wiki is a type of website that anyone can easily edit and help grow through collaboration.

Is a 100% Free wiki (collaborative) authoring tool (it claims to be! Visit Professional Services and explore.), which enables anyone easily to start a free wiki that they can share with students, colleagues, friends, family, etc.

Wetpaint is a reasonably easy-to-learn/use wiki tool, which has an amazingly attractive look-and-feel (subject to subjectivity!). Yeah, I can tell you also that this tool has an amazing list of features, and they are adding new features all the time (according to them), so there's always something new to try. Here are some of the juicy features:

  • 1-2-3 Simple Site Creation
  • Public or Private Sites
  • Pre-Populated Templates (Classrooms, Group Projects, Gaming Clans, etc)
  • Easy Photo/Video Integration
  • Page Level Discussion Threads
  • Customizable Page Templates
  • Spell Check
  • Menu of Popular Widgets
  • Private Onsite Messaging
  • Address Book Upload
  • Site Statistics (Google Analytics and SiteMeter)
  • RSS updates
  • Email Notifications
  • Etc.

Except for the annoying Google Ads (which is probably the main source of income for Wetpaint), floating toolbars, and the clipboard bug (minor fix needed!), this tool I believe is going to be a global Wiki smash hit soon. Don't ask me why! Just try it out for yourself :)

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