Tuesday, March 4

Any Free Online Survey/Polling Tools?

"...There are still millions of students and educators in the Schools, Colleges and Universities around the world who are doing research, conducting surveys and spending a lot of time collecting data, providing them often with little time to analyze and reflect the findings (critical/creative thinking aspect!). However, by providing them with a free easy-to-use online survey tool (alternative or complimentary option to their research) with basic features to create and conduct online surveys, collect the data, and display the results/reports in text and visual format (with exporting options to Excel, SPSS, etc.), could do miracles from an educational point-of-view... (Source)"

I did once write an online letter to Google (October 12th, 2007) about our need for a free easy-to-use online survey tool, but I never got a reply. I suppose they get millions of e-mails every day, so why answer my one, unless the idea is really great (and innovative!), or I am NEO. With the exception of Google's polling tool in Blogger, I have yet to see any innovative progress from them. Microsoft seem to be too busy with their upcoming WorldWide Telescope (WWT) (Great surf-the-galaxy tool!), and who wants to get locked into Facebook's limited 70+ million user community doing polling and surveys (Confidentiality! Yeah, we can trust Facebook!). Yahoo? No idea! In short, the big players seem to be slow on this front, or perhaps they are planning to acquire one soon from the growing crowd of innovative online survey tools already out there.


Here are more than a dozen FREE online survey/polling tools (Selected using my sixth sense!), which you might want to explore further (Source):

  1. SurveyMonkey.com
    Powerful tool for creating and running web surveys (including visual reporting). The free version provides several limitations (e.g. limited number of questions and respondents), but if you are creative you can do your stuff. Anyway, the commercial version is quite affordable (if needed), so why worry!

  2. SurveyGizmo
    Web surveys, Polls, Forms, Quizzes, Landing Pages. Free and commercial version.

  3. Polldaddy
    Create free online surveys (e.g. market research) and polls. Excellent for polls!

  4. ProProfs Polls
    Makes it easy to solicit opinions & answers from your audience through free online polls. Educators can use polls as a way to stimulate conversation around a topic, encourage your students to engage with a subject, or simply lend a little spice to your lesson plans. Finally, you can easily share the personalized ProProfs polls with your audience on your website, Facebook profile, or Twitter account.

  5. FreeOnlineSurveys.com
    Create online surveys, polls and questionnaires for any number of uses.

  6. fo.reca.st
    Allows you to design free online surveys, collect responses from the visitors of your blog or website, analyze them and finally present the survey results.

  7. Quibblo
    A free tool that enables you easily to create your own quizzes, fun surveys & tests online.

  8. Kwik Online Surveys
    An easy-to-use survey development tool that enables you easily to send surveys & questionnaires by Email, YouTube, Facebook or posted on online Forums.

  9. Pollograph
    An easy-to-use survey authoring tool. Free accounts can publish up to 5 free online surveys. The thing I like about this tool is that there is no limit to the number of questions you can include in each survey. Also, there is no limit to the number of responses that you can gather in each survey.

  10. eSurveysPro
    It offers both a free and commercial version. But I like the fact that the free version enables you to create and conduct unlimited surveys and have unlimited responses.

  11. LimeSurvey.org
    A good open source survey tool. You need to download and install on a server. It includes +20 different question types, and basic statistical and graphical analysis with an export facility.

  12. VTSurvey
    Is a web-based tool which enables end users to autonomously create and run online surveys, feedback or registration forms (4 question types). You need to download and Install on a server. Although, it has limited tools, question types and reporting features, it is extremely easy-to-use.

  13. BuzzDash
    Create and share polls. Built upon individual polling modules called buzzbites™, BuzzDash provides a real-time forum where people can solicit, measure and share opinions on nearly any issue.

  14. Zoho Polls
    Can create and share polls.

If you want a more comprehensive list of survey/polling tools, mashing-up both commercial and free ones, I strongly recommend that you visit Jane Knight's amazing directory of learning tools (including 50+ survey/polling tools! Trust me, this list will grow!).

Oops, I got to get back to my vacation from blogging. If you are wondering again what I am doing during my holiday from blogging, CLICK HERE. Yes, I am building my arsenal of del.icio.us links (230+ and growing!). I have been collecting great links since 2001, so I got a lot to filter and add :)


Keith Hards said...

Hello, my survey site Kwik Online Surveys is free and easy to use. The site is undergoing continual improvement and now includes an email feature.
I believe that people will benefit from using this site.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing :)

I have your survey tool to the list (no. 7) :)

Warm Regards,


Unknown said...


Please also consider eSurveysPro.com free survey software.


Unknown said...

Florentin Badea,

Thanks for sharing :)

I have added it to the list :)

Have a great day learning :)

Warm Regards,


sebenene said...

Hi, I'm a high school teacher, and the module I'm teaching requires my students to conduct surveys en masse. I've been advising them to use pollograph.com for a while now. It's free and pretty easy for high schoolers to use. For your consideration.

Unknown said...

Hi Sir,
zoomerang is an excellent tool for creating polls and surveys. The real-time reporting and stats rock. Free. Also include survey tool for facebook. Kindly consider this: http://snurl.com/facebooksurveys

Many Thanks

Unknown said...

There is free online survey site, i.e Survey Face [url]http://www.surveyface.com[/url].
Here there are 14 type of question types to create a survey, and distribute survey to unlimited users.
you can get a unlimited response.
You can download and create chart your response. you can also share your response and there are lot of features are here...

this site is fully fully free site........

Thank you

Emmanuel B said...

Hi, great post presenting various solutions. Some all of them have not been much updated lately.

It would be great if you could include HeyCrowd (I'm co-founder), we have an awesome survey creation tool

Unknown said...

Hello Zaid,

addpoll.com is also a great survey and poll creation and tool. It's very easy to use, has a lot of customization and sharing options and even the free version provides plenty of useful features. Hope you will consider adding it to your list :)

Kind regards,

Unknown said...

You forgot to mention <a href="http://www.sogosurvey.com>free survey software</a> SoGoSurvey. Very good to create surveys, polls. I have used this and my experience with this is just wonderful.

Thomas Legault said...

There is also Interceptum an online survey application that is easy to use.