Monday, April 13

The SciTech Journal Reflects Mind Boggling Questions!

The SciTech Journal is a richly informative project, which attempts to answer various questions arising in the common man's mind relating to science and technological phenomena.


Good question! Alright, before I get back to the cool SciTech thingy, you might be wondering what happened to ZaidLearn for the last couple of months (zero posts!). To be honest, I have taken some time off to think (2 1/2 month sabbatical thinking leave) and reflect about life and how I can contribute in this amazing Universe (after a tough 6-months of growing up. Mild terms!). To cut it short, I am leaving my existing e-learning job, and am now exploring possibilities of working in another learning organization. Yes, if I can do my PhD at this new organization (where that may be) that would be a big plus. But then again, I am still searching for that 'UgA UgA' idea that I can imagine spending 3-5 years exploring. Yes, I would also love to facilitate a light and easy 'Learning Innovation Lab', which explores technologies (in a connective sense) and tries to make sense of them in terms of learning and teaching. Alright, let's get back to SciTech thingy!


We all have questions, and often we have them dangling in our minds for days, weeks, months, and even years (not to mention a life time). I am not sure if the SciTech Journal can answer all of our difficult questions, but it does try to answer questions we might have asked here and there, but never really taken the time to explore further (or even 'Google' ).

Have you ever wondered...
These are just a few of the questions that are explored in this growing juicy repository of Q&A using a scientific mindset or hat. Also, I love the fact ('opinion' according to scientific terms!) that each post (or answer) is easy-to-understand without tons of scientific mambo jumbo jargon (that even aliens might have difficulties to decipher). Ops, I forgot to mention the author, who is Darshan Chande (his Twitter).

Please stop reading this post (NOW!), and have fun reading the
The SciTech Journal. Also, I do hope it will eventually answer why monkeys eat bananas. Hopefully, it is more scientific than the WikiAnswers's version (Google it!) :)


the unknown said...

wouldnt it be easier to pray for istiharah to know the best research for ur phd?

Zaid Ali Alsagoff said...

Dear Mr. Unknown,

Thanks, I have already done that :)

Insha-Allah, the inspiration and topic will come soon (when the time is right). I am getting closer, at least it feels so :)

Warm Regards,