Friday, April 17

TWIT Outshines Twitter In 2013!

It is Friday night, and after a long week of work and thinking (about the future), I am going to have some fun using my imagination to predict the future evolution of the blog (in a light sense). While the blog might have been the ultimate online personal publishing tool a few years back, I suppose the flavor of 2009 is micro-blogging with Twitter in the lead, sweeping through every corner of the world. 10 million+ users now and growing fast. Expect it to reach 50 million+ users by year end.

While you require time and effort to maintain a blog (many never reach the second post), you can't say that of micro-blogging. So, why are micro-blogging tools such as Twitter growing in popularity around the world so fast?

"Simplicity has played an important role in Twitter's success. People are eager to connect with other people and Twitter makes that simple. Twitter asks one question, "What are you doing?" Answers must be under 140 characters in length and can be sent via mobile texting, instant message, or the web (answered by Twitter)..."

Easy to register, easy to learn, easy to connect, easy to write, easy to converse, easy to share, easy to socialize, easy to follow, easy to promote (yourself and your company), easy to message, easy, easy, etc. Seriously, you can have so much fun with so little effort. How do you beat that?

So, what comes after Twitter or micro-blogging? Molecular blogging? While 140 characters might sound simple, short, easy, and cool today, I predict that we might see tools breaking the barrier further, so here is my solution or idea. Let's just call it TWIT. Not twit (meaning wise!) :)

As time passes by, Twitter will loose its trendy edge and people will explore other simpler and easier tools, and eventually Twitter will be seen as a long-winded way to express oneself compared to the new revolution in town. what?

Yes, we are talking about 'TWIT' and the year is 2013. People are still fond of blogging and Twitter, but TWIT has taken the world by storm. People are fed up of knowing what others are doing (who cares what you eat for breakfast?), and who has the time to write a sentence or 140 characters.

With TWIT you must say what you want within 3 words or 33 characters ('Just Do It'). TWIT asks one question, "What do you think?" And you better be concise and short, or the world won't be following and watching/reading/listening what you have to say. It is really up to you whether you want to post your answer using video, audio, graphics, or text (the tool can detect the words in all modes). Whatever mode you use, you are limited to 33 characters (or 3 words). It's easy, challenging and fun at the same time.

People simply love it, and by November 2013, TWIT users has smashed the billion mark. Whether you are on your IPhone Flex or old PC, TWIT users are TWITing an average of 20.5 messages a day. You want to buy a ZaidPhone, and within one search you have 1 million TWIT reflections of what people think about it. And by that time, TWIT uses an intelligent synonym analyzer and a semantic babble doodle to make humanly sense of all these short reflections via a patterned 3D visualization synthesizer (what the h......l is that!).

So, what do people love about TWIT?
People want to know what others think about this and that, and they love quick trigger answers (Much like headers or slogans). With TWIT you can find out within seconds what millions think about anything you can imagine summarized with a few words. It is amazing!

While Twitter users have thousands of followers, popular TWIT users have often millions of followers . Obama was asked, what is your secret weapon to win the 2013 election? And his answer was "TWIT of course!"


It is getting late, and I am getting sleepy (Nearly 3 am for crying out loud!), and this post needs a break. I need some more time to conceptualize a TWIT that inspires millions. Ops, then comes Rubi on hot wheels. Are the any savvy programmers who are working on a molecular blogging tool right now? Seriously, 140 characters is simply too long to be spicy in 2013. So, will TWIT outshine Twitter in 2013? Time to get back to reality, I mean sleep :)

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