Saturday, October 10

ZaidSwoosh Has Swooshed 30 Stunning Posts Since Launch!

Congratulations Obama! Don't blame it on Obama for getting the award (Though, he could reject it, but why should he?). I have always thought that Norwegians (or their government to be fair!) are peace loving people (I am 50% Norwegian and reasonably peaceful, too!), but very naive in dealing with peace efforts and conflicts around world. And I am still puzzled with the wisdom of Obama getting it so soon. If he lives up to his vision and mission, no doubt he should get the award, but give him some time to earn it the right way.

Also, we must not forget that he is the 'Commander in Chief' of the deadliest army since the 2nd World War, which has blasted several countries back to the Stone Age. Yes, let's not forget he is still at war in two countries, and things might not blossom into peace as soon as we might hope. If you know anything about Afghans (I do!), they will never surrender until the US Army is out of there. Hopefully, they will eventually learn from the mistakes the Soviet Union dudes did last time. But, the way they are going at it, it certainly does not look like it.

Anyway, let's hope that the 'Nobel Peace Prize' selection committee had an inch of wisdom behind the selection, and thought by giving Obama this award, it would remind him throughout his President-hood that peace is the only way forward, and that going to war with such a title is simply not acceptable. Just wondering, once you become a Nobel Peace Prize winner, can you lose it?

Let's forget politics, and return to the learning juice!

If you haven't noticed, I launched another blog a few weeks back (Why?). Except for Stephen Downes (who ironically referred to it as ZaidLearn) and a few others, it has hardly picked up any attention in the Blogosphere. But, that is cool! For those of you who missed out on ZaidSwoosh until now, here are the first 30 stunning posts from it:
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  2. 99 Free EduGames to Spice Up Your Course!
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  5. 50 Terrific Twitter Tutorials for Teachers
  6. LearnTrends 2009 - Free Online Conference (November 17-19)
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  9. The Learning Footprint Calculator
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  11. Wiggio Just a Little Bit!
  12. The Google Acquisition & Investment Map
  13. Join The eLearning Network (eLN)!
  14. Twitter Handbook for Teachers
  15. Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning
  16. Trendsmap - Your Glocal Twitter Trends Forecast
  17. How Web-Savvy Edupunks Are Transforming American Higher Education
  18. The E-Learning Debate at The Oxford Union
  19. 100 Free Ivy-League Lectures You Shouldn't Miss
  20. Change the Way You Think About Everything
  21. Seven Skills Students Need for Their Future
  22. A Pocket University (or iTunesU at Oxford University)
  23. Web 2.0 - Cool Tools for Schools
  24. Domo Animate - Create Cartoons About Your Learning!
  25. 100 Best Blogs for Tech-Savvy Teachers
  26. Why Not? Now, That is a Sizzling Lecture!
  27. Did You Know This Did You Know!
  28. 3 Free e-Learning Courses Run by Otago Polytechnic (New Zealand)
  29. Insidious Pedagogy: How Course Management Systems Affect Teaching
  30. Academia 2.0 - Be Relevant-Engaging-Fun!

In short, ZaidSwoosh is dedicated to sharing juicy learning resources and ideas in daily 'swoosh' chunks (1-3 short posts every working day).

I like to keep ZaidLearn for more 'article' like posts (1000 - 5000 words, the boring stuff!), whereby I reflect (80%) and add some spice or fun (20%). However, with ZaidSwoosh, it will be 80% juice and fun, and then 20% reflection. So, those used to ZaidLearn and long juicy boring stuff, will continue to have it that way.

As for those of you who want to experience the juiciest stuff I discover on a daily basis, then ZaidSwoosh is worth subscribing to. How do I find time to 'SWOOSH' blog? I don't smoke, meaning I should be healthier and can use my puff-breaks to swoosh some learning juice instead.

So, what so special about this ZaidSwoosh? Until you have tried, you will never know :)


Suryaveer Singh said...

Why should the world congratulate BO???.. instead Nobel should go to the Norwegian Nobel Peace selection committee for choosing him out from the hundreds of people/NGOs working in field of retoring some sense in the minds of voilent loving people. What about their 'Greed' of finding weapons of mass destruction? Did they find in Iraq or maybe they'll find one in Iran and Korea, I guess true?

Mahatama Gandhi was the man who retored peace. He said- "The earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed".

Zaidlearn and Zaidswoosh both are equally stunning :-) but I like Learn over Swoosh as it induces reflections.

Good to have two from you!!!


rahul said...

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BlogMaster said...

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Dipp mukherjee said...

the 'Commander in Chief' of the deadliest army since the 2nd World War, which has blasted several countries back to the Stone Age.