Saturday, January 22

The One Stop Learning Blog


"As I have progressed along my journey as an educator, I have come to better appreciate that teaching is about sharing—sharing what I have learned with others, including the public at large. This blog is my expression, my way of sharing my passion on the issue of teaching and learning, lifelong learning and education in general. It is also intended as a repository of resources related to teaching and learning. This is my humble attempt to put together useful links, articles, websites, presentations, videos, etc. in one place -- for my own reference and for those who are interested to learn more about teaching and learning...more"
- Professor Karim (Universiti Sains Malaysia)

I am always thrilled to discover new edublogs from educators in Higher Education in Malaysia passionate about sharing their learning discoveries and journeys. This blog by Prof. Karim has already been around since November 2010, so it is not totally new, but without doubt worth sharing here. Interestingly, we met during a workshop (National E-Learning Road Map) late last year (2010), and have since communicated through Twitter (@biopolimer) and e-mail, but ironically I didn't really discover his juicy blog until today.

As the One Stop Learning blog is also Prof. Karim's own reference for learning discoveries on teaching and learning, means that his motivation to keep it going goes beyond hits and fame, which is important to keep it rolling until the world discovers this gem of a blog. Besides being self-motivated to share, it is always great to know that you have readers and people willing to challenge your ideas and thoughts. If he can keep it up (like now!), I am pretty sure that this blog will achieve just that as it explores and grows.

In short, why not visit...I shall say no more... just CLICK HERE :)


A.A. Karim said...

Zaid, many thanks for helping to publicize my blog.

Unknown said...

Dear Prof. Karim,

My pleasure! Anyway, your blog is great and already public, but there is no harm in others promoting your work, too.

When I started blogging, I was luckily enough to have a few big shots in learning who promoted my blog, and that alone can be quite inspiring and motivating in its own way :)

Just keep on sharing and if its intrinsic it will just keep on going no matter what happens :)

Good luck and have fun on your learning sharing journey!

Warm Regards,


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this

@A.A. Karim: Impressive work, especially presentations. Already @Rss Reader

Greetings from Poland!

A.A. Karim said...

Hi Piotr,

Thank you!