Friday, February 11

Crash Course - Social Media & Web 2.0 for Learning

(Still Under Construction)

Welcome to this ’Crash Course’ (still under construction) to get you started with social media and web 2.0 for learning and teaching. Today there are thousands of exciting learning tools to explore, but sadly most teachers do not have the time to explore all, or figure out which ones to use.

This presentation and site provides all the resources shared during the 'Social Media & Web 2.0 for Learning' workshop (I facilitate), which focuses on several of the most essential learning tools that we can use to facilitate learning and build an effective personal learning environment and network.

Site (Workshop) Contents

Although, the presentation slides are pretty much done, the website will be under construction for the next few weeks. I will first be facilitating this workshop online (1/2 day) to a group in Saudi Arabia next week (20th February, one of the pre-workshops for the 2nd International Conference - E-Learning & Distance Learning, Riyadh), and then again I will be facilitating a similar workshop (face-to-face) in March at the AMEA 2011 Conference (another pre-workshop), and after that who knows where (if anywhere!)...

So, to make it a bit more interesting this time, I have decided to share the workshop (presentation slides, resources and site) with all of you, and then hopefully get some constructive feedback, so that I can improve further.

Still early days, but with a bit of work this workshop could evolve into something quite special, which could benefit people beyond those just participating. Isn't that what Social Media and Web 2.0 is all about?

Reaching out and making a positive difference beyond the brick walls of a class, hall and building?

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Zaid,
as expected, again you have created a great slideshow. It's fun to click through your crash course.
Much of what you are explaining, I have experienced. The presentation of your course goes into great detail. Usually the audience consists of three groups
newcomers, experienced fellows and experts.Maybe you could create a more simple slide show for beginners and detailed one for the second round output.In any case, there should be a surprise for each group of the audience.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the great input :)

I will cut and create a lighter version soon (after the 1st workshop) :)

I suppose I will create a crash of the crash course.

Really appreciate your constructive input :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Zaid,

I enjoyed your visit to the Connectivism course, and I think this presentation is really useful and helpful as an overview for teachers.


Unknown said...

Dear Leahgrrl,

Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the positive comments :)

Also, you have a great blog going on, too:

I wish I had more time to commit to CCK11, but the last couple of months has been pretty hectic with work and my own aspiration to share stuff on my learning journey, which includes connecting with some amazing people :)

But, I have still been a passive follower and learner of CCK11, and it is amazing how much you can learn from such courses... :)

Hopefully, during the next round I can be more active :)

Have a great learning week and thanks again for dropping by my blogging Crib...LOL :)