Tuesday, March 15

My #CCK11 Talk - Sharing to Connect, Interact and Learn!

This presentation explores openness in education, and my own journey embracing openness in what I discover and learn.

It was presented (Elluminate session) during week 9 (Openness & Transparency) of the ’Connectivism & Connective Knowledge 2011' (CCK11) course facilitated by Stephen Downes and George Siemens.

For those that want to recap or missed the session, here are the Elluminate and MP3 recordings:
Click here to view all CCK11 Recordings.

Based on the feedback from Stephen, George, and the participants it seems like my online talk during CCK11 went reasonably well.

I have infused some of the (positive) comments received into the cool mash-up graphic to the right.

Overall, participants seemed to enjoy my cool graphics, informative slides, and found my voice (or me) to be passionate and full of enthusiasm.

Looking back at 2010, one of my goals was to work on my voice to reflect my passion and enthusiasm for learning (enthusiasm is contagious!!!!), and based on this session... Mission Accomplished!

But, what about the talk's substance? Mission 2011!

Although, I am receptive to positive feedback (appreciate that!), I do have my own self-evaluation sensor, which at times can be pretty brutal and unrealistic. Though, this beast is also my secret and most powerful weapon to awesome learning, so I am not going to let it go. Instead, I will celebrate it with a receptive and reflective laugh!

I really enjoyed the online talk at CCK11, but I have to admit I was really exhausted after a 60-hour marathon, which included 1 lecture (Social Media & Web 2.0 for Learning), 2 workshops (IMU and UTHM in Batu Pahat), 2x4 hour (to and back driving) trips to Batu Pahat, and doing all this with a flu trying to cause havoc (Panadol and Vitamic C to the rescue)!

But thank GOD I managed to somehow get through without too many bloopers and mistakes! Though, after listening back to my talk (MP3), I realize I said 'Amazing', an amazing amount of times (too vain to count).

Also, my voice was stumbling more than usual ('Hm-ha'), which could be due to the fact that it was my first Elluminate session with my new MacBook Air (CTRL Vs Command! Touchpad!), or perhaps my limited brain power was just running out of fuel. Or could it be that especially the first part of my talk (Openness in Education), I explored areas that was not exactly my specialty, except for finding great learning resources. But then again, I always like to challenge myself, and felt that I wanted to cover it, as it was inline with the theme of the week (Openness & Transparency).

Moreover, I had problems following smoothly the lively chat-board discussion while giving the talk (produced 3000+ words during the 1-hour session). But that is something I can easily improve with a bit of practice.

In addition, I did mess up names as usual. For example, I said Stephen Downes when referring to George Siemens (on slide 31), in reference to the 'Open Education Open Debate' resource'. I suppose that is why I would be a really bad MC!

Finally, I believe the 3 reflection scribbles on the Elluminate whiteboard (Openness in Education? Why share? Moodle wish?) was something the participants collaboratively enjoyed. Some participants even found time to scribble on the slides, especially Stephen and Wiley's faces when they occurred. I believe Stephen was the ultimate scribbler (No evidence to prove it, unless he admits), and no doubt he has artistic ability that needs to be nourished.

Overall, I have no complaints, and the participants were absolutely fantastic. Also, George and Stephen didn't give me a hard time at all, which could be due to the fact that our views on openness in education are not so different. Yeah, I did praise and promote them a bit, and that surely didn't hurt their connective egos either.

It was a great learning experience and adventure that is now completed (history!), and I am truly grateful to George and Stephen for giving me this opportunity.

Thanks :)


Anonymous said...

69 slides for 60 minutes, ambitious.

Pandora said...

Of great use and informative as always Zaid. Many thanks - PLENKERS are still a most valuable resource
Susan O'Grady

Unknown said...

Dear Susan O'Grady,

Thanks for the positive feedback. Yes, PLENKERS are valuable, and so are CCKERS :)

WE are flexible and can do multi-learning tasking :)


Unknown said...

Dear Anonymous (or whoever),

Thanks for the 'ambitious' thought, and Yes (amazingly) I did manage to swim through 69 slides in 60 minutes, which also included three 2-minute group scribbles (on the whiteboard), and sharing the mic with Stephen Downes and George Siemens to share their wisdom on sticky points beyond my level of comprehension on the openness in education, especially licensing and funding.

So, anything is possible, including tons of slides :)

Have a great day learning!