Tuesday, November 22

Top 100 Tools used by Learning Professionals in 2011!


The list is compiled (by Jane Hart) from the Top 10 Tools lists of 531 learning professionals worldwide (from education, training and workplace learning). Well, this year I missed the boat in participating, but that is not going to stop me from sharing it with my readers (for those that missed it, I mean!). Here we go:
If you are interested in a more detailed view of the movement of the tools on the list, take a look at the Winners & Losers 2011. Jane has also created a Best of Breed 2011 list, which categorizes the tools under a number of headings. You better check out the site yourself to get a better view of what is really happening in the learning tools world.

Thanks, Jane for making our lives easier to select learning tools to learn and share. What else can I say! Master Twitter, Google Apps (Docs, Google Sites & Plus+), Moodle, web-conferencing, Blogs and Wikis and you will be just fine for 2012. I shall write NO more... Enjoy discovering some new learning tools :)

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