Friday, December 2

Can Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin GET YOU A JOB?

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Created by: MBA Online

No social media tool is going to get you a job, unless social media is your business. If YOU _____, YOU _____! And when you meet up for real, you still need to prove that you're the man/woman for the job. Worse yet, social media might even turn them off you, so use these tools WISELY (especially, if you are looking for a job)!  

Though, social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin can make yourself (resume) more visible and attractive to job hunters out there, and increasingly they are using such tools to discover the real (virtual) you.  Yes, tools like Linkedin are also great places to search and discover potential jobs, get an awesome referral from someone, and even interact with potential bosses. In short, these tools can open new doors, and sometimes even shut them, so use them WISELY (repeated for the 2nd time!).

What do I mean by wisely? THINK TWICE before Facebooking, Tweeting and Linkedining anything that you would not want your parents to know. 

Tools don't get you the job, YOU GET THE JOB! Though, social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin will make you more visible out there, and empower you with new ways to engage with job hunters, and possibly get you a job interview. 

In short, they are just tools (door openers), but POWERFUL ONES in your search for the perfect job tailored to your needs and wishes. Good luck (unless you are staying putt!) :)

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