Tuesday, January 10

Move Aside TEDx, Here Comes The Learning Innovation Talks (LIT)!

Alright, we should not talk big before things happen, but sometimes in life you get that feeling... 


Somehow, I got that feeling when I joined 'iPTA-iPad (and Tablets) for Academicians' Facebook group (invited by the electrifying Prof. Karim). Since late 2008, I have been dreaming (passively) about collaborating with a core group of passionate educators in Malaysia to really transform education for the better (without much luck!). 

But, then I stumbled upon this Facebook group, and the rest is history in the making (Hopefully!).  When I joined the group, they were passionately planning to conduct a TEDx session, but then I opened my big mouth (Devil's Advocate)! Within a short period, the TEDx idea was history. TEDx is great, but it doesn't really fit into our mission. 
While TEDx is often associated with 'Big Ideas' and 'Changing the World', we are thinking about creating multiple venues (Face-to-face, Webinars, Second Life, etc.) for sharing learning stories on how to use technology (e.g. using iPad apps) to transform the way we learn and teach. Small ideas matter as much as big ideas! And importantly, you don't have to be out of this world to present. Everyone is welcome, as long as you think you have a learning innovation to share (small or big!). 

Welcome to...

As a result, we used our collective intelligence to conceptualize Learning Innovation Talks.

Learning Innovation Talks (LIT)

Yes, I will be one of the presenters. Please come! If you don't, you will be able to view the recorded sessions later. So, either way we do hope our learning innovation sharing sessions reaches you.

Learning Innovation Talks is the first learning gem to spark out of this brand new Learning Innovation Circle. Confusing? Come and join the Learning Innovation Circle!

I got this fuzzy little feeling that this group is going to conceptualize and implement some pretty awesome initiatives in the coming months (and years), so why not be part of history in the making... Everyone is welcome to join... :)

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