Monday, June 4

Are You a Learning Gladiator? Creating a Master List!

*UPDATE (3/1/2014): 
Instead of becoming a Learning Gladiator (LG), our latest project (2014) is connecting all the (e-)Learning Super Heroes around the world to achieve the same thing as LG, but in a more refreshing way.

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ARE YOU A LEARNING GLADIATOR (LG)? join the Master list (the live updated list is below)!


Late Saturday evening (2/06/2012), Nor Fadzleen and I figured out during an informal tweet (Twitter) discussion (out of no where!) that it would be great if there was an easy way to discover and connect with all those (awesome) educators in Malaysia who share online (e.g. blog) their learning and teaching resources, experiences, best practices, and are really passionate about transforming the Malaysian education landscape.

For starters, why not create a master list of all those Malaysian Learning Gladiators out there?  So, here we are inviting you to fill up this simple form (8 questions only) to connect your learning and teaching awesomeness with the rest of us.

Now, we should not stop with only Malaysia, let's unite all the 'Learning Gladiators' (or LGs) around the world! Prof. Zoraini thanks for your ambition and wisdom to go for it!


    Are you using the Internet (Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, SlideShare, etc.) to share your reflections, content and best practices (mostly for free) in learning and teaching (Any language)?  
    Are you passionate about improving and transforming learning and teaching in your area (and beyond)? 

If 'YES' to both (Sharing & Passion), Congratulations! You are a LEARNING GLADIATOR! Click here to register.

This master list will be made available online, so please do not add anything that is confidential. Also, please join our growing Learning Innovation Circle (LIC), which is always passionately sharing and exploring together how learning and teaching can be improved in all forms.

Let's connect, unite and collaborate for the betterment of education in Malaysia and around the world! 


To keep yourself updated on the latest news, members and discussions regarding our mission to connect and unite all the Learning Gladiators in Malaysia and around the world, simply follow the term 'Learning Gladiator' ('Save search') on Twitter.

Here are the latest updates displayed in a Twitter Widget:




The master list below will be updated live as educators add themselves to it. Click here to view the master list as a webpage.

The first important mission is to unite all LGs around the world (starting with Malaysia), and this master list will be a good starting point. From the master list we can do many amazing things (Who's Who directory, Wiki-collaborations, specialized communities, etc.), but let's first connect and unite by adding ourselves to this Master list.

If you are a Learning Gladiator, and don't add yourself to this list, WE WILL DISCOVER YOU SOON, AND ADD YOU!

Finally, let's use this Master list to discover and CELEBRATE ALL THE UNSUNG HEROES around world who go the extra mile to passionately share online their learning and teaching :)

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