Sunday, September 16

My OER Talk to MEIPTA!


I will be giving (Insya-Allah)  a talk on Open Educational Resources (OER) at MEIPTA's (Malaysian Public Universities e-Learning Council) 16th Roundtable Meeting at UTeM (in Malacca) on the 18th September, 2012.

This talk will explore OER and how we can find, reuse, remix, create and share them. It provides a lot of excellent resources and tips, too. It also shares TWO BIG IDEAS on how to create awareness and inspire OER development in Malaysia. 

Please explain? I shall say no more :)


Here are the presentation slides for my OER talk:

I am really looking forward to my OER talk and the whole-day event trying to make sense of OER and how to move forward with it in Malaysia. 

If you have any suggestions/recommendations, or feel that something is missing in my presentation slides (166 slides! Most are just examples of OER...So, not so overwhelming as the number might seem!)  that you would like me to include, please speak (write) up! Slides can always be updated :)

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